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August 12, 2017 18:07

Cleaning of facades of buildings - luxury or necessity ?

cleaning facades - what does it do?

Cleaning the outer surface of the walls should be done at least twice a year.This is due, above all, a high level of air pollution most major cities.The exhaust gases of vehicles, emissions of harmful impurities industry - all mixed with precipitation falls on the walls of buildings.Over time, as a result of the impact of acid rain, irreversible changes of the surface structure of the facades.

This is manifested in the form of white spots called water stone.If time does not take action to clean up, then later to get rid of such structures it will be difficult.Due to the fact that to remove such deposits from the surface of the walls is not easy, regular washing of facades of buildings is the most effective way to prevent the destruction of the outside of the buildings.Next, consider the nature of the contamination and how to resolve them.

Cleaning facades of buildings - from which we get rid?

Usually after winter on brick walls called efflorescence appear so (white patches) - this is the saline solution contained in the material structure.Because of this, cleaning using ordinary washing with water is ineffective.Since it does not guarantee the prevention of recurrence of the salt precipitates.

To this does not happen again, it used cleaning building facades with special solutions with subsequent water repellent, ie the walls coated formulations which perform the function of a water-repellent coating.

to perform cleaning operations use a variety of techniques and tools.They differ in terms of performance and level of complexity.In the course of their implementation is carried out the washing of windows and facades of buildings of brick, concrete, metal and plastic from a variety of industrial pollution, soot, dirt and grime.Here is the list of standard works that deal with the contractors conducting the washing of windows and facades of buildings:

  • washing windows of tall buildings;
  • hydro and sandblasting the surface of the walls;
  • cleaning facades using different detergents;
  • repair of facades, followed by sealing the seams;
  • drawing on the wall water-repellent compositions.

Washing of windows and facades - the basic techniques

to clean the walls are used for washing facades, the role of which can act as gels or special powders.Also, for these purposes, use chemicals which effectively remove color stains from the surface of buildings.Often, to restore the appearance of the wall is widely used sandblasting facades, which is a kind of mechanical surface treatment.

As a result, there is a removal of salt deposits, mineral oil grease, soot and residues of old paint.Sandblasting technology is the use of abrasive materials that are supplied with high pressure air jets.The advantage of this method is the ease of use sandblasting equipment and its performance.For example, the average processing speed is about 40 m 2 surface per hour.

also currently used method for cleaning surfaces using a powerful water pressure.This treatment is used as a universal cleaner facades of buildings and various historical monuments from pollution, which are easy to dissolve in water.This method is effective not only for cleaning surfaces, but is also suitable as a method of preparing walls for painting and other finishing work.