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August 12, 2017 18:07

The roof for the house : high-quality collateral covering a comfortable stay

The main components of the roof of the house

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By the main components of the roofing system include:

  • rafters - structural beams that serve as a kind of "skeleton", the basis of the coating.Their function - to keep the roof and distribute it balance the load on the main walls of the building.
  • Crate - coating placed on the truss.It is a framework for future paving.Builders are two types of crates - solid (styling, with no air gaps and openings) and thinned (laying, intervals and having some distance between the boards).
  • Roof coverings - roofing.Mounted directly on the crate.The choice of roofing is based on individual wishes.
  • Ridge - the connection point of the roof slope.

Classification roof house

Experts distinguish between different types of roofs for its architectural accessories, roofing materials and structures.

  1. flat.It has a flat structure.Without angular tilt.The flat roof is almost never used in construction, with the main drawback - the water retention on the surface.It promotes the absorption of moisture into the roof and its destruction.
  1. Pent - has a sloping ramp.Do not use more widespread.It is used in the construction of ancillary buildings and garage facilities.Pent design is based on the two load-bearing walls.It may be vented, a tilt angle of from 5 to 20 degrees, and unventilated - from 1 to 5 degrees.

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Pros pent design:

  1. Unlike hipped roof, lean-is characterized by its simplicity in design.It does not require complex mathematical computations and calculations.Its installation can even produce incompetent people in the construction industry
  2. not mean complicated repairs.There is no need of heavy repairs roof installations
  3. long-term operation
  4. Economic version roof


  1. Pent roof does not imply roof and attic construction
  2. lack of quality insulation
  3. Can not withstand the wind gusts, especially with a raised hand
  4. Whenlow slope snow accumulation possible

Other roof: complicated options

Among the complicated plans of the roof gable and hipped believe.About them in order.

gable roof

gable roof has two ramp, which serve as a support bearing walls, and connection - horse.The wall, located between the slopes, called the pediment.

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gable roof very easy to operate and demand from a rational point of view.It may be any material.It is easy to tolerate the weather conditions, the main thing - to calculate the angle and the load on the surface.

the plus side gable roof is isolated:

  1. functionality.Gable roof Housing permit arrangement mansard construction and attic space
  2. Set in the attic of heating boilers, ventilation structures and conditioners
  3. rapid runoff and snow accumulations
  4. Gable roof does not require complicated layouts
  5. Economical repair option
  6. ability to use anyroofing materials


  1. roof area is directly proportional to the size of the structure of the house
  2. gable roof allows to equip the attic, and it causes additional waste.Garret also requires an increase in roof height and a decrease in the angle of inclination
  3. Attic presupposes skylights that require a special delicacy to install

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hipped roof: features

pyramidal structure has two types of slope - intrapezoid and triangle.It has no gable.Rays called a roof hips and hip roof.The attic space hipped roof light enters through the attic openings or windows.

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equal length ramps, connected at one point, called the marquee.Their use is associated with warmer climates.

Positive features hipped roof:

  1. hipped roof for the house has a special appearance, making the construction of attractive
  2. Long-term design, construction quality
  3. strength strong airflow
  4. Heat resistance, ability to distribute heat evenly over

negative surfacefeatures:

  1. complexity in the planning and design of
  2. Investment ratio for construction materials rays
  3. presence of special insulation
  4. need to involve professionals in the construction industry
  5. high costs for the construction of roof openings

Roof with mnogoschiptsovymi characteristics

Mnogoschiptsovaya roof has more than four rays.By design, it has complicated the design.It is mounted in the roof structures, outbuildings adjoining rooms.Rays mnogoshiptsovoy roof form cavities or corners - valley, razzhelobki.

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important to note!Among all types of roofs mnogoschiptsovaya is the most difficult to install.It requires special planning.Its design can be implemented in a computer program for construction sites.It is better to use the services of a professional.


  1. Aesthetic architectural structure houses
  2. Fitted out attic space


  1. complexity of the design.The presence of a huge number of internal elements
  2. long-term construction.Consuming operation repairs
  3. Investment ratio of building materials
  4. slow water and snow slope with
  5. surface area scrupulous calculation

Shpileobraznaya roof for

house main quality shpileobraznoy roof - its acute angle and a sharp slope.It is used in the construction of towers and houses with a spire.Adds the house elegance and Gothic style.

Spire requires a significant time period for its erection, design, accurate calculation of the slope and the selection of the construction material of the roof.Almost always shpileobraznaya being built roof specialist.One slightest mistake is able to cross the entire structure.Mansard construction is missing.

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important to note!The above options are basic.Their choice should depend on weather conditions, terrain, building layout and roofing material.

Building materials for roofing houses

roofing material plays a major role.Its quality depends on thermal insulation, waterproofing and ventilation of the house.

Allocate materials:

- mineral and ceramic roof

- bitumen (roofing felt, shinglass)

- metal roofing (metal, metal profile)

- cement (tiles made of cement and sand, asbestos)

- Polymer

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materials can be supplied in various forms:

- leafy

- rolled

- piece

note!Higher quality materials are expensive.The choice depends on the comfort and coziness at home.Word for customers.