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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to properly and safely install the antenna on the roof of the house ?

Classification of antennas on the roof of a house: choose the appropriate option

There are several types of antenna installations.Let us examine them in detail:

  1. Multi-wave antenna designed for digital TV.Their advantage lies in the ability to capture a large radius wave.
    Wave antenna
    They are compact devices with built-in three broadband lines.The television industry uses several models of such technical devices.It is widespread Russian model "Alpha".Everywhere applied antenna export species.
    consumer who knows the price of quality and innovative technology, is gradually moving to digital communication and uses an antenna for analog TV.It has a production model of the brand, "Triad", "Viva".Expansion of these devices has a UHF-band, and can be played back TV with DVB-T2 system.
    Antenna "Triad "
  2. Satellite antenna.In electronics stores, you can find an infinite number of models that differ only in the parameters of a parabolic mirror.The diameter of the large "plates" is able to perceive the weakest signals and accurately send them to the TV image.
    An example of a satellite dish

satellite dishes are produced from solid steel and can safely tolerate nepogodnye conditions.There are:

  • Net
    Antenna - Net
  • Aluminum
    Antenna aluminum
  • Plastic
    Plastic antenna

last in quality cause negative comments, showing "moodiness" to external factors, and having short-term use.Net easy to transport and their installation is not complexity.

formal nuances of the installation of the antenna on the roof

Before equip broadcasting satellite is to observe certain formalities:

  1. It is important to become familiar with the nuances of Russian legislation to eliminate future confusion with ZhEKom.Housing Code implies the right of every resident in the partial ownership of a dwelling house, including the right to use the roof.Based on the law, the tenant has a right to use the attic, the basement, the roof on their desires.
  2. entrance to the roof is often blocked.Common resident, did not take place in the homeowners does not have access to the roof.He needs to take the key.According to the rules on the roof have a right to be just workers housing department.In the case of absolute necessity tenants can also use the roof to your needs.Russian constitution on the side of tenants and regulates the operation of the roof.The law will be the main argument in the dispute with the workers of housing and communal services.

Safety first in the regeneration of the antenna

avoid damage of the roof, the attic and the various communications should adhere to the following principles:

  1. is not recommended to mount ventilation, chimney and gas holes
  2. worth checking roof strengthlocation of the antenna installation.The test result must be documented.That in the future will bring to naught all the negative criticism of neighbors It is important to select a firm place to install the antenna
  3. antenna line should be different from the power line
  4. In no case can not be used as a lighting open fires
  5. strongly recommended precautions: safety belt, convenient ladder for fixing.When installing the antenna needed rubber boots
  6. When the steep slope of the roof, you can resort to the help of an assistant, capable of at the right time to insure In the case of a weak TV signal feed to place the amplifier side of the roof

antenna on the roof of the house: in what place to install?

receiving antenna device receives communication signals better in the absence of near large buildings, massive trees.Set design is best on the highest point of the roof.antenna mast mounted on the slope of the house, located on the outer side of the street.In the form of a flat roof antenna put on the edge of the roof.

Placing the antenna on the side walls

When placing a large number of antennas is to comply with the order of chess.

Principles of correct installation

first is to prepare tools:

  • Electric drill;
  • Screwdriver with different nozzles;
  • Sverlova tool;
  • Hammer;
  • Keys;
  • TV to check the received TV signal.

After determining the location of the antenna, you can start mounting the satellite mast.The frame appears in the form of an iron bracket.Its fixed brackets, screws, staples.
In the early drill holes for fasteners.The anchor bolts are inserted into holes (diameter 0.1 cm).
provide strong fixation of the antenna extensions.They will save a satellite dish on the wind load.To do this, use strong ropes and attach them to the mast.
It should be taken into account and roofing material.On the roof of shingles antenna mounted on the ridge or gable board.When the slate roof on the ramp arrangement produces a soft roof - on the gable sides.The roof of the plank material can withstand antenna mount directly on its construction.

Different types of antennas on the roof

final recommendations for the arrangement of the antenna

After mounting the antenna is a process of terminating the network connection.Reception of the satellite heads are connected to the cable, held in the room of the apartment.The cable is inserted into the slot of the host device.It is important to secure the cable, isolating it by 1 centimeter.The wire is fixed straps and small nails.

Important note: When installing the antenna, the importance placed on lightening rods.Metal structures exposed ground.This action will prevent the roof from being damaged, and the people in the room, from injury.

Details on installing the antenna look at a video in the next tab: