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August 12, 2017 18:07

Installation of trusses - in error has no chance to get on your roof

Installing roof trusses - preparatory work is in full swing

As with any construction work, construction of the roof requires a series of preparatory activities with which eliminate all discrepancies in the size of the wall.This will allow the base to collect under a single roof the size and pattern.

If the box at home is built from blocks, or bricks, then it uses a thin layer of leveling screed of cement-sand mortar.For structures made of wood use different pads.Smooth walls of the house builders will save a lot of trouble with the fit of each rafter.

manufacturing and installation technology is quite simple trusses.First, we analyze what is rafters, what materials are used for their manufacture, as well as the role they perform in the general frame of the roof.

Rafters represent a support structure for a gable roof, which accounts for the lion's share of the load of all its external parts.For making use logs, beams or boards.If this is difficult for you, then finished the rafters can be ordered in the near carpentry shop.

Installation of rafters - materials and tools

roof rafters Installation is carried out well-dried lumber.Constructions collected from the wet timber after some time, as it dries, begin to deform.Wet material may be dry for several months under a canopy.Most often used for the construction of the roof softwood.

PARTS rafters with nails, bolts, screws, brackets and clamps.Taken together, they have the shape of a triangle, which is the most rigid and secure mounting structure.

Beginners builders are likely to find that some complicated devices are needed for the construction of the roof.Everything is much simpler.For a system of manufacturing and assembly using an ordinary carpenter's tools:

  • ax;
  • hammer;
  • knife - for a precise fit parts;
  • hacksaw;
  • plummet;
  • building level;
  • roulette.

Further description of the work - a kind of guide for installation of rafters, which allows even inexperienced masters simple and easy to understand all the intricacies of the construction of the roof.

assembling rafters with their own hands - do not miss any stage

Before installation on the wall fit mauerlat - wooden longitudinal beams, which serves as a support for the rafters.He is a solid or may consist of fragments, which placed under each leg.

The wooden houses mauerlat role performs the crown framework.The brick building timber fits flush with the inner surface of the walls.Between the wall and mauerlat necessarily make a double layer of waterproofing of roofing material.The assembly of rafters is much easier to carry out on the ground.It is important to remember that the angle of the legs must match the slope of the of the building is fed through the assembly design completion.

Installation "legs" begin with the extreme of farms.Then pull the cord between them on which are mounted all the subsequent design.The distance between the rafters must not exceed 1200 mm.It recommended by all major mounting components to connect trusses with steel brackets.

installed rafters are sewn together at the top, in pairs.Then on top of them laid ridge beam.This is usually required when the longitudinal length of the roof more than seven meters, and the system itself is heavy.If the roof length is smaller, the upper part can be connected by means of stretch marks.In winter during snow they will provide additional support for the roof.

attention of visitors to the site are invited visual material as is the installation of rafters on the frame, videos show in detail the whole process of assembly and installation.We hope that this will help you understand all the nuances of construction work.