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August 12, 2017 18:08

Without tools - anywhere , or how to choose a jigsaw ?

What kind of work - a tool

As mentioned above, jig saws are used for cutting various materials: wood, plastic, laminate, ceramic, metal, drywall and other.Also they can be used to cut holes any diameter.Each type has its own jigsaw opportunities.Thus, the manual used in the home for small repairs and amateurs to make crafts.

operation of such tools is completely dependent on the applied operator effort.Electric hand tool is a consumer and a professional.The first is used for home repairs, and the second, more powerful, used in construction and manufacturing.The third kind of a jigsaw - a desktop machine.Most often it is needed in the factories, as it allows for a long time and in large quantities to process the material.

best jigsaw for you will be the one that is perfect for the work required.The most common is considered electric hand tools.It is ideal for working with wood and 70 millimeters in thickness and metal thickness of 2-4 mm.Professional same apparatus can be used for the treatment of aluminum 20 mm thick, 10 mm steel and wood up to 135 millimeters.Therefore, the choice of the jigsaw should be based on its capacity, working hours and additional functions.

Note!Table apparatus with characteristics similar to the manual with the exception that it is fixed on the table top.

How to choose a jigsaw to work effectively?

deciding which one to choose a jigsaw, the first thing is to determine whether you need a professional or a consumer tool.If the plans are not frequent use of the device, the home will be the perfect option.It is at capacity but lighter often have more advanced features, and is much cheaper.

If you plan to carry out major repairs, then the best option would be a professional tool.Household jigsaw can not withstand heavy loads and are not promoted to the repair.Deciding what is best jigsaw, should pay attention to the following points.First, move the pendulum blade - this is a very handy feature, which is required for long and straight cuts.Unless curly sawing will be made, this option is not needed.

Secondly, the shape of the handle.It is mushroom-shaped and the bracket.On the functionality is not affected, but the choice of the jigsaw for comfortable work you need to make, given the time.Thirdly, the support platform can be pressed and molded.Cast considered more reliable and provide more accurate operation at an angle.It is also worth paying attention to the technical characteristics:

  • Engine power - for household devices norm is 350 watts, for professional - 600-750 Watts;
  • Number of strokes per minute - the best option - it is the course of 2700-3000 r / min;
  • stroke frequency adjustment;
  • presence on saw blade replacement system;
  • Possibility to connect a vacuum cleaner to the tool - allows you to work without dust.

Important!Today the market offers a large range, but it is better to stop your choice on the models of well known brands.


hand tools Now a few words about the manual jigsaws.Sense turn to specialists with the question "advise jigsaw" No, because they are almost all the same and do not differ much.So it is safe to go out and buy it.When choosing, look at the quality of the material from which it is made.The frame should be strong and not bend.Also check the quality and reliability of the clamping washers sawing fixation.They must be tightened firmly but easily loosened in case needed.

Note!Hand Jig Saw should not be difficult, since for him to spend physical energy, and you can quickly get tired. Select tool will have no difficulty, if you clearly know for what purpose it is needed, how much work will be done and the specificity of operations, for which it is acquired.If, however, a clear idea about it not, when choosing best to consult with a specialist.