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August 12, 2017 18:07

Types of soldering and construction

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operating principle of a soldering iron.

Electric soldering iron is used for welding of pipe, both cold and hot water and heating system.The advantage is that the apparatus of small size, which is convenient for transportation, not heavy in weight, and has a convenient design.Equipped with a temperature control unit and is designed for soldering of pipes of different diameters.Types of soldering and construction

irons available in two kinds, the difference is that the first heating element is elongated, and the second - cylindrical.More convenient to work is considered to be the second option because it allows you to produce a spike in even the most remote places.

Depending on the shape of the tip, changing the types of nozzles and soldering, which are supplied to the instrument or purchased separately.Usually set is no more than four nozzles, different diameter.

As a rule, all soldering irons have the same structure and consist of:

  • main body at the end of which has a handle;
  • temperature controller;
  • heating element (stinger), non-stick
  • nozzle (quality depends on the thickness of the Teflon coating, if it is insufficient, this results in sticking and deterioration of the polypropylene suture quality).Types of soldering and construction

function soldering is that by means of the heating element, with the attachment mounted thereon is heated to a polypropylene tube softening state.The required temperature is set by means of the thermostat (buying the unit, be sure to pay attention to this detail, and here the price is very important - the higher it is, the better a soldering iron).

The guide the choice of soldering.

First of all, buying a soldering iron, pay attention to his price and country of manufacture.Quality thing that can last for many years will not be cheap.Chinese manufacturers save on the quality of materials used, and therefore a tool that is made of them quickly fail.

value has also the power of the device.This ranges from 1.5 kW to 2 kW.The more powerful the equipment, the greater the diameter of the pipe it is able to connect.Types of soldering and construction

Much attention should also be paid to the choice of nozzles for soldering polypropylene pipes.Buying tips, consider the rated capacity of the instrument, the higher it is - the greater can be the diameter of the nozzle.In order not to overpay, buy only those tips that are really useful to you in your work.Select items only from quality materials.

Instructions soldering polypropylene pipes.

  • work should start with the trimming of the damaged portion of the pipe with a special knife or hacksaw;
  • necessary to clean the cutting edge of irregularities, because of this will depend on the quality of the weld;
  • Further work is included in the soldering iron, pre-connected to the mains and using a thermostat heated to the desired temperature;
  • Once the heating element attains the desired temperature, the heating process is very edge of the pipe using a suitable nozzle;Thereafter
  • melted edges are pressed together and locked for some time to complete their cooling.Types of soldering and construction

Because polypropylene is cooled rapidly enough, their operation is possible in a few minutes after soldering.

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