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August 12, 2017 18:07

Jig Jig for hand - without them useless tool!

Jig Jig for manual cutting wood

Fabrics are divided into two broad classifications: for wood and metal, which, in turn, also have their own varieties.Consider blades for working with wood.

Nail files for fast cutting.They are used when you need to quickly cut a large amount of material.Such webs have large teeth, because the more they are, the incision will be faster.However, the cut will not be very smooth and jagged, but it is quite suitable for the erection of a shed or fence.Nail files for this purpose can handle material up to 200 mm thick.

Emery jigsaw for a clean cut.Tooth such webs have much smaller, and as a result, a smoother cut is obtained.They are used for the assembly of furniture to get a smooth and splinter-free cut.Most often, using them to cut hardboard, plywood, chipboard panel.Also, they can work with thick boards, up to 75 millimeters, but it is much harder and longer than with a nozzle with large teeth.

File for the laminate is made in such a way that its teeth are directed in the opposite direction, in comparison with other nozzles.It is arranged so to not form chips on the front side of the fabric, which spoil the appearance when cut.The teeth in this small canvas.

Note!All of these fabrics can be used for cutting wood, but the wrong choice they complicate and prolong the time for execution of the work.

Cloths, cutting steel

Jig metal also have their differences, but they always have small teeth.Often, to make them easy to distinguish them from the tail turns blue.A work attachment can be up to 6 millimeters metal and plastic.Used for cutting aluminum webs with larger teeth.Combined saws used for cutting as metal and wood.Their design is such that on one side of the web has large teeth on the other side - small.

Note!Combined web usability are no different, as the working surface is divided with different teeth length.It thus reduces the amplitude of the sawing and cutting passes harder and longer.

Canvas for cutting ceramic tiles on the edge of a special carbide coating that allows you to cut all kinds of tiles.The price of such webs is much higher than other types and it costs about three times more expensive.All kinds of saw blades are clamped in a special key tool, rarer quick mechanism.

Nuances selection saws

As we have understood, nail files for manual jigsaw have their scope of application.But the question arises, how to choose them?For a correct choice must take into account many factors, ranging from material products, ending their appointment.Consider these factors:

  • quality steel.All webs have a marking which indicates the material of which they are made.For example, carbon steel is required for working with wood, plastic, MDF and particleboard.Here greater importance is the elasticity of the metal, rather than its hardness.Hardened high speed steel used for cutting metal, it is hard, but more fragile.Nail files from hard alloys combine the properties of the two previous paintings.
  • canvas size.For cutting wood using a long blade for jigsaw and metal - shorter.
  • size and shape of the teeth.This factor mentioned above.
  • form a tail.The most widespread saws and 1-2 stops at the end of the semicircular recess.

Important!Some companies produce paintings that are suitable only to the tools of its own production, it should be checked before purchase.