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August 12, 2017 18:07

Make homemade jigsaw - an easy task for a difficult tool

Prepare basis

tool offers an option jigsaw consists of a tubular railings, handles, nichrome filament, electric keys, screws and wing nuts, earrings, insulating gaskets and electrical wiring.The arc is made of dural tube diameter of 12 millimeters.Also, as an option, it can be made of plywood or 10 timillimetrovogo PCB.The main thing that this part was easy.It shows a cylindrical tail, within which the power cable will be laid.

Note!The arc may be of any shape, but is considered optimal embodiment, when one corner (the one closest to the handle) is at an angle of 90 degrees, and the second (distal) - 45 degrees.

earring is made of copper sheet one millimeter thick.It is fixed by two screws on the arc at the point where the tool handle to be installed.By earring special wing nut is fastened Nichrome thread which serves as a heating element.Between the two cheeks (made of duralumin sheet 0.8 mm thick) mounted electric button.

Installing electrical components

To make a jigsaw with your hands need the heating element.For this fit the spiral of electric iron, ideally half a centimeter in diameter.Nichrome filament length must be the same as the length of the arc tube.It is fastened with a little tension.On it is energized at 12-14 volts, due to which there is heating and cutting.

Note!By working in this manner, it is advisable to control the operation of a rheostat.

knowledge about energy consumption when working with specific materials needed in order to choose the optimal length and thickness of nichrome filament.On average, current must be within the range of 3-5 amps.Before you begin, depending on the material set the required voltage.It is necessary to take into account that too much current ignite plywood and plexiglass is not strong enough soften but not rarezhet.Such a homemade electric jig saw with their own hands to make a very simple, but to cut it can be parts of any shape.

Putting table homemade jigsaw

when working with small parts manual jigsaw can be inconvenient for several reasons.First, the item does not always work to fix.Secondly, the general saw blade enables strong restrictions in the curvature of the cut.However, this problem can be easily solved by making a homemade table jigsaw.

consider how to make the jigsaw table of manual electric jigsaw.The easiest option is going as follows:

  • is done slot sawing machine The plywood sheet.
  • for fixing a plywood and screws in the base of the instrument with holes.
  • Next jigsaw mounted so that nail file fell into the cutting slot.
  • Ready design clamps fixed on the table.

slit in a sheet of plywood can be made by drilling a large number of holes on the line drawn by.Then drill smooth out any unevenness.Alternative Material for processing very much.This may be plastic, wood, organic glass, metal and so on.There are also different designs of fastening systems to the table, but the clamp - the easiest way.

Note!In this construction, nail file is a standard that limits the possible curvature of the cut.