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August 12, 2017 18:08

The functionality in one tool : Drill network

drills and screwdrivers: what is the difference?

The main task of the screwdriver is screwing and unscrewing the small screws and bolts.Also it can execute the drill function.In contrast, the tool is able to drill to serve only for its intended purpose, that is to punch.Many believe that these two aggregates virtually indistinguishable, but this is misleading.

For example, when tightening the screws screwdriver, experiencing heavy loads, the cartridge starts to scroll.This was done in order not to cause deformation of the faces on the cap screw.Also screwdriver it has a low rotational speed, unlike the electric drill.That is, if you revert to the trigger finger chuck screwdriver stops immediately, while the drill is still spinning by inertia.

Tip!Cheaper to buy a screwdriver, if assumed to work on drilling, as drill requires rework, so she could do the job of tightening the screws.

Both tools are divided into two types, depending on the type of power: working from the network and storage.Pros and cons are obvious.The first type is totally dependent on the location of the outlet and the batteries at least and give freedom from it, but always require recharging.

also important differences lie in the tool level, because there are domestic and professional.So, if the work involves a small short-term load, the professional tool to take no sense.As you can see, the difference between the screwdriver from a drill large enough, and it is necessary to consider when choosing tools.

How to choose a drill network?

For domestic purposes the best option will drill with screwdriver function.This tool has a torque adjustment, which is important for artists who work with different density materials: when the resistance changes, rotation transmission is automatically switched.This leads to the fact that the screws do not wear out slots.Also, this control allows you to switch on the drilling operation, whereby torque is transmitted to the drill bit.For such a function would be ideal screwdriver with a maximum rotation speed of 1,200 rpm.

Another very important feature - reverse, which allows you to rotate the nozzle in both directions.Furthermore, if during operation of the drill bit stuck, then switching the reverse, the operator would get stuck easily element.There is no clear answer to the question, drill, which is better for home use - no, but it is more convenient tool on batteries.Take a screwdriver better immediately with two batteries, as long as one is involved in the work, the second one can be recharged.

Tip!The best view of the battery is considered to be a lithium-ion battery, as it is an easy and powerful enough.

Remaking own hands

dealt with what is different from the drill screwdriver and the purposes for which they are intended, one may wonder how to make a screwdriver from a drill, and is it even possible?Yes, of the drill can be done screwdriver after certain alterations.We work in the following sequence:

  • Take the tool is removed and the battery;
  • soldered to terminals cable section 2h1.5 millimeter, and the contact block is poured in place with epoxy resin battery;
  • done an adapter that connects to the battery (to the network must be connected very carefully because of the high engine speed when running on the network).

Note!For mains power supply must not be weaker than 4 amps. this simple way can be converted into a drill screwdriver.But it is better to buy an instrument with such a function, it is so much more reliable.As they say, why reinvent the wheel, if it is already there.