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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to make a jigsaw table of hand tools ?

If you buy tools, pay attention to that?

Jigsaw electric table is a professional and domestic.The main difference between them is power and time of continuous operation.Like any other tool, which is divided into consumer and professional, the first in its price much cheaper than the second.

main factor - is the power.That it affects the quality and depth of the cutting of various materials.Another important characteristic - it is an opportunity to make a manual adjustment of operating frequencies.There are tools in which the frequency can be set just before the start of, and there are those in which, depending on the force pressing the start button, the frequency is regulated.

Most electric jigsaws have "boshevsky" tail for attaching the saw blade.However, there are tools tailored to work exclusively with certain manufacturers saws.In this connection, the parameter is necessary to pay special attention to when buying a tool.Power possible from both networks 220 and from the battery.

Important!Weight plays a significant role in the purchase, because often there are situations when the tool is required to hold with one hand.

The first and easiest way to devices homemade desktop jigsaw

Table jigsaw with your hands, you can do this by selecting two options: simple and classic jigsaw machine.Consider the first method.The sheet of plywood or other material is slot sawing, and attached to it a jigsaw.For screws are holes in the plywood and tools soles.The slot can be done by drilling a small distance from each other by a plurality of holes, drill and smooth them.The finished design is attached to the edge of the table with the help of clamps.

This machine has a standard version of the blade by hand electronic jigsaw that gives greater restrictions on the curvature of cut.To finalize the design and to set a fine nail file, you must priladit rocker.On one side of the blade is attached, and at the opposite end - tensioned spring.Nail file must be attached to the fragment of a standard tool in the place where it will not prevent the jigsaw.

Note!If the instrument has a pendulum stroke, it should be turned off.

second, more complex version of a homemade bench jigsaw

This version is a classic machine.Thin saw blade is fastened between the two yokes (upper and lower), and the tool transmits the motion to the bottom.To make a homemade table jigsaw, jigsaw will need a manual, a few screws, a piece of leather and a table on which the structure will be established.The procedure is the following:

  • jigsaw With the plate removed.To do this, be turned out two screws;
  • On the countertop is made by counting the output sawing and mounting holes;

Note!Screw holes are made with a counterbore at the height of the screws to drown it in the surface of the countertop.

  • underneath countertops installed tool.Enclose the gasket (leather or felt) to damp noise and vibration;
  • are chosen screws required length and secured jigsaw.

This work has been completed.The whole process takes less than an hour.As a result, we have received a fixed jig and hands free during operation, allowing more carefully to make sawing.It is also a great advantage - it is an opportunity to work sitting down, which reduces fatigue during long-term process.