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August 12, 2017 18:07

Rack and pinion jack - compact assistant at a construction site in the garage

Rack jack - an overview

devices in everyday life we ​​are faced with jacks when replacing wheels on the car.How to use the rack jack is known to many, but not all are that the scope of their use is much wider.They are successfully used in bridge construction, the laying of power lines, dismantling of building structures and in many other industrial fields.

They are compact, simple and reliable.Currently, two types of jacks used: manual and electric drive.These, in turn, fall into their design, rack, screw, hydraulic and pneumatic devices.With their help, to lift loads to a height of several meters or more.

More detailed look at the device rack jack.Its main part is lifting steel rake equipped platform for cargo.Its main feature is the low-lying load platform.After lifting the load rack position fixed by a special locking device.

pinion jack DR-10 as a representative of the heavyweights

jacks are designed to work with a mass of no more than 6 tons, equipped with a single-stage transmission.More powerful lifting gear, capacity of more than 15 tons, equipped with a three-stage transmission mechanism.For heavyweights applies pinion jack DR-10, which is operated by a manual drive.

This mechanism is used in carrying out construction works, as well as for the installation of various bulk cargoes.The main part of the structure is a rack mechanism driven by a handle, which transmits the force of three-stage box.After lifting the cargo rack is locked with a special device.The top and bottom of the jack, there are special fastening bracket for a sling, which are set while it is moving.

Jack rack, on the use of the instruction is always available bundled with the device itself will be used as in isolated areas, and in the open space and has a high efficiency (0.85).If you want more detail to learn how to use a jack rack, videos of our site will allow you to get the most useful information on the subject.They set out the details of the work of lifting mechanisms, and describes the available features of their operation and maintenance.