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August 12, 2017 18:08

Jack hydraulic help you become stronger!

Summary about hydraulic jacks

main characteristics of any jack - this is its maximum load capacity, stability, reliability, height Lifting.For all these indicators, leading hydraulic lift mechanism, in addition, it is distinguished by ease of use and low price.This makes the hydraulic jack horizontal, telescopic, retractable or bottle the most common type of lifting equipment.

Hydraulic jacks are podkatnye, telescopic, versatile, low.The principle of operation of these lifts is quite simple.When the pump lever swings working fluid into the cylinder through the valve.To lower the jack, the pump is required to open the valve and the liquid will flow back from the cylinder to the pump.

In most cases, as the working fluid used hydraulic oil or antifreeze, hence the name.Telescopic jack podkatnye differs from that of its own lifting mechanism is a piston cylinder instead, pressing on the lever.

Application and properties of hydraulic jack

hydraulic jack 5 tons, 10 tons, 25 tons, 50 tons can be used as a standalone unit or be part of a more complex mechanism.It is widely used in industry, during repair and construction work in the aftermath of various accidents and disasters.

It can also be used as a power module presses, cutters, strippers, and other units.And, of course, this device is an indispensable tool for motorists.The disadvantage of these mechanisms is that they are somewhat slow in operation.Required to transport it in a vertical position, making it difficult to transport in certain cases.

variation of the hydraulic jack is a jack Pneumohydraulic.It is used in car repair and tire service for trucks.This kind of lifting device is designed for stationary operation.To lift it uses the power of compressed air and is actuated by a compressor.

Species hydraulic jack

Jacks, hydraulic low have small dimensions and can be used for work in confined spaces.Such devices are intended for lifting a load to a height of 50 cm long and its fixation at a predetermined height. Bottle Autonomous jack is characterized by simple structure and easy operation.The pump in this model, is built into the enclosure.It is very widely used, from garages to the railway tracks.

easier modification of the hydraulic lifting mechanism is aluminum jack.It is much lighter and has a special coating that prevents the occurrence of a spark.The apparent advantage of this modification is that it can be used in flammable environments.

autonomous hydraulic lifting device with low intercepting used when lifting metal structures as a support for heavy loads, during repair work.Very easy to capture, where a small gap is available.As with any tool, a hydraulic jack requires periodic maintenance.Sometimes it is necessary to lubricate and refill the hydraulic fluid.