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August 12, 2017 18:08

Staples for staple gun - at least in the tree , though in concrete

Staples for staple gun - modifications and calibers

tool for staples or small nails - teker, more popularly known as stapler, enjoyed considerable success like professional builders, and home craftsmen.Large staples for staple gun use is extremely convenient for two reasons.Firstly, immediately goes fasteners at two points, which is significantly harder than when used for the same purpose as a nail.Secondly, the cross member secures the item captures more reliably than hat of the same nail.

Caliber special nails, staples shoots, usually small - up to 32, and a thickness in the range 1.6 millimeters, the cap (rather cross) are also larger sizes do not differ.

braces Modifications are very different.For example, U-shaped, similar to the office, but more powerful, depending on the gauge used when installing a wooden or concrete surface of various soft materials on the fabric to the plastic siding.For fixing of different diameter cables used rounded U-shaped bracket.Device staple gun such that the cassette clamps in the store can be inserted either horizontally or vertically, in any case supply will be carried out only along the channel store.

Stapler building: instructions for use

Professional staplers are triggered not only by the spring, driven by a tight trigger lever-handle.There are far more serious tools with an electric engine powered by the power cord or battery.The first option involves almost continuous work throughout the day, the second need, or power, or in a regular recharging. models with batteries give full autonomy, sometimes extremely necessary .To start using a stapler construction, the instruction can be read only once, after which you can get to work, but caution does not hurt to exercise.

fact that any tekera practically no fuse, not allowing the charge to depart, whether strap or nail without stop in a hard surface.The only exceptions are the so-called circuit breakers, staples and nails which are driven with the impact on the surface of the tool (not guaranteed).Turning stapler conventional push action toward Assistant or own arms or legs, can be applied by a serious injury.

usually to carry out a shot, you need to make some effort, accidental operation is practically impossible, but it is not in use, it is better to put it on a special bracket-holder.The rest, including how to use a staple gun, there is nothing tricky.Just mark the line that will drive the fasteners and press down firmly on her instrument, in order to avoid bias due to the inevitable impact.To pull the bracket or tekerny nail used does not claw hammer and a special instrument resembling tongs.

How to charge the staple gun: kinds of shops

As mentioned above, you can charge the tekery by horizontal or vertical mounting tape, depending on the instrument model.This also applies to staples and nails, used the same store, and I do not need a striker for the two are quite different from each other consumables.The main thing, just check with the seller as to fill the staple gun, even if it will show more than once.

Staples and nails are always glued together in bundles, which may contain a different number of "charges", depending on the caliber .Thus, the store 80 can hold up to 100 staples and nails, in the packing can be from 1,000 to 5,000 units.Staples are inserted into the store easily, simply put them in the gutter, but how to charge the staple gun with nails - it is another story, everything is different.

First of all, after the store opened, pay attention to the striker.Where should be located the nail has a special thickening, it is usually positioned on the right or the left, but there are also symmetrical strikers.If thickening on one side only, namely along the same wall of the trough stacked slipway nails, then clamping them feeder.If the striker symmetrical, nails can put along any wall.