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August 12, 2017 18:08

Truck -transformer : its metamorphoses and modifications

Truck-transformer - increasing the capacity of

platform you ever fall into the hands of the universal trolley?It looks ordinary, two-wheeled, was positioned vertically, with a small platform, which can be placed unless the bag of cement, and with an extra flap, increasing the capacity of the cargo area.But there is such a construction equipment is one remarkable feature - an extra pair of wheels to handle the area in which this truck-transformer will be transformed into an ordinary four-wheeled platform.

On the one hand, the wheels in the immediate vicinity of your hand can be a bit annoying, but an undeniable advantage. Where necessary agility, and can proceed with carrying capacity, use the two-wheeled cart in modification.When we face the open space, and there is no need to maneuver between the piles of bricks and piles of logs, but we urgently need to find room on the platform more cargo truck set horizontally, and a full order.

When the ladder truck is needed, as the air

Imagine that you carry on a trolley large capacity with a paint, it is already open, and though the cover again installed in place, sealing is broken, and the fall of container contents can spill.Ahead of stairs, and any awkward movement is over exactly what you fear.Just in case you really rescue ladder truck.On each side of the three-wheel fixed in the same plane in an equilateral triangle, provides easy mobile platform excellent maneuverability and stability (bottom always on 2 wheels, which gives support to 4 points).And the main thing is how well suited this trolley climbing stairs.

mistimed platform to the stairs, you absolutely do not necessarily stop or even slow down the movement.Just continue to push the cart forward, and that the front wheels from rolling on the ground four run into the front of the stage, the top start to move forward, hanging over the tread and now they are supporting, and the first step has been taken.Both the three-triangle are turned uniformly with each regular step, and now a staircase behind, and the paint in the tank never swayed so dangerous, to splash over the edge.

Lifting trucks and other specialized

device is not always at the construction site need to transport large or bulk materials, sometimes you need to spray on site antiglaze solution for the free passage of heavy machinery.It is not the case, if the turn will bring a crane on a truck platform, and it is all his weight fall on a house under construction.Special trolley dispenser reagent ensure Fan splashing the contents, covering just enough broad band.

If the construction site is necessary to evenly sprinkle gravel, for this purpose there are special trolleys with Dosing silos for bulk solid materials.

It may be a different situation, when large-scale construction to speed empty wagon from the bulk material, the same gravel, for example.For this purpose the unloading trolley can be used, which is a conveyor belt ending receiver funnel guide sleeves.Shovels manually or through a special discharge conveyor is fed to the material that falls out or continue on to the post sleeves cars, either directly into the pit for pouring the foundation.

And finally, lifting trolley, which are not more than a two-wheeled platforms highly specialized vertical positioning.In fact, nearly the same transformer, but a certain direction, for example, for transporting gas cylinders or drums. Almost all the two-wheeled models are equipped with additional lifting hinged platform to increase the area under the loading platform .

Another option - lift truck, which may have a scissor or telescopic mechanism with hydraulic drive.In the first case it is conventional forklift trucks, second, as a rule, stacker mast rails.