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August 12, 2017 18:08

Drill electric - how to choose the best option ?

From what we choose?

simple electric hand drill can be powered from a power supply and battery.The first has a higher capacity and the ability to work long and smoothly.Cordless drill is used in places where there is no access to centralized power and works when you need to frequently move around the room.

choice of such apparatus is justified to have a mobile, independent tool if necessary.The battery requires constant recharging, so experienced craftsmen used two batteries: one is working, the other is on charge.

Another type of unit - is an electric drill, which can both drill and tighten / loosen the screws and screws.Such tools are often small in size and power, but it is enough to work in the workshop and in the home.These drills have a reverse function that allows you to rotate the drill in both directions.

Another kind of tool - hammer drill.It has a high capacity and the ability to drill even the most durable surface.Apart from the standard rotation, impact drill in the process makes a large number of reciprocating movements, which greatly increases the strength of the drill action on the surface.

Note!When buying a drill should decide for what purpose you need it to select the best option instrument.

Selection tool

Analyzing the types of drills and their appointments should learn some of the nuances that will help you select the tool.Thus, an electric drill, how to choose?To assist in this regard, consider the following data necessary for the correct choice:

  • power.It is best to choose a powerful drill to perform any, even the most complex work.The market offers machines from 100 watts of power, but it is advisable to opt for a 350 watt or higher;
  • perfect complement will be the possibility to adjust the speed (two-three speeds);
  • Electric Drill unaccented has less power than the stroke unit, so it is more expedient to take the second option, since it will give the opportunity to work with hard surfaces;
  • Availability reverse function.

Note!Beneficial immediately purchase additional accessories that expand the scope of the drill.

Patriotic drill against imported

remains to be determined only by buying an import tool or to support domestic producers.Domestic tools in recent years have greatly improved the design and got some functions, such as adjustment of the engine speed.But the most important advantage in their favor still stands the price, which is 2-3 times lower than the imported machines.But there are many reasons why the choice is often stops on import drill.

Firstly, it is reliable, especially with the impact drills that require high-quality anti-vibration system.Faulty assembly within three months of starting to show signs that he can not withstand the load.Domestic tools are often bulky and uncomfortable, that is, in spite of the modern design, the work is still not comfortable with them.

Important!Note that import drills are divided into professional and amateur.

scheme e.We drill our manufacturers often do not include features that Western manufacturers have become the norm even for the cheapest devices, for example, the spindle lock button.Also, domestic tools are still equipped with rack-and-girth cartridge for which you want to use special keys.On such a thing as a suitcase for drills, our company have long forgotten, while the imported drill equipped with suitcases even for the simplest models.These are the main points that influence the choice between domestic and imported instruments.