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August 12, 2017 18:08

The Bulgarian - a tool for high-quality grinding and cutting

Known as the Bulgarian instrument - simply angle grinder

When some home masters, who lies under the bench and softly covered with dust Bulgarian, asked why he this machine, usually in response to sounds: "And so it was."And, you know, this approach one is completely justified.For example, have you heard about the angle grinders, but never really interested in any of its value or principle of work, and suddenly there was a need proshtrobit concrete walls under wiring.

What will work?Chisels?Because there is no grinder.However, this is easily remedied, go to the store construction tools.However, do not rush to a decision that you need the most powerful Bulgarian, let us remember what it was you.So, you have not experienced for a long time need for this instrument, and now you'll need.But then, perhaps, it will be postponed for another year.

As a Bulgarian, a tool known for a highly specialized, designed for milling, and therefore, in addition shtrobleniya concrete surfaces and polishing metal, you can adjust it except for sawing stone.

angle grinder power may vary in the range from 0.5 to 2.5 kW are generally more powerful, more expensive .So is it worth to invest a large sum in a professional tool, if you need an inexpensive consumer version?

Power Bulgarian - why use only for its intended purpose?

Someone who needs a hand to a Bulgarian home, dreams already sawing it not only metal tubes but also almost the entire log.But let those dreams remain.Yes, saw blades for Bulgarians are sold, but they are intended mainly for stone, concrete and brick, and there are tips for metal, but to cut this stuff is better special saw and a tree, and can be no question.

fact that for rotating the disk grinder 80 m / sec - does not limit the speed depends on the diameter of the nozzle, but never lower.Now we remember that our ancestors mined fire by friction, and it is already possible to predict the result of cutting of wood - it just lights up.If you're just doing shlifuete metal and shallow grooves in the concrete can not be afraid of injuries, in compliance with the safety, of course.However, it should only do sawing, and care should double or even triple.

trembling hand omissions or can cause serious injury, especially if your power - Bulgarian Industrial. If you decide to cut off a piece of pipe, make it near to you "promenade" nozzle, an incision is made shallow, better rotate the pipe itself as the appearance of cut, and in any case, try not to cut the supports, otherwise the section pipe will converge, pinch drive.And the most important rule - do not keep to the plane of rotation of the nozzle or one part of the body, especially the head.

Most Bulgarian - lower than the rotational speed of the disc

Needless to say, the beautiful Bulgarian are not always reliable.If you already have one foot on the threshold, and the goal - a shop selling these wonderful grinders allow a track to give you a few tips.Choice boasts an extensive, so I ask the consultant to show you only those that have the desired power - namely, for domestic use up to 1 kW, for the construction work, depending on the loads up to 2.5 kW.By the way, the instrument with power 1.5 kW - is a universal Bulgarian suitable for home and building.

If you are offered a budget grinders with soft start, compare with the expensive models, be sure to set a hard disk, the difference can be quite substantial.

Choose only native tools, German, French, Japanese, and produced in the United States.Will only a couple of dozens of models.And last but not least - the value.Most Bulgarian (with two handles) designed to drive the respective sizes that are larger than the slower turns, and the greater the power required for acceleration.

For this it is necessary in the selection draw attention to the existence of a system shut-brush as a tool to work with some exertion can burn out at short-term power failure.Also, it is useful to as Cut machine, Bulgarian was equipped with dust removal system.But this is only relevant for large-scale construction and repair work, for everyday needs such a device would mean an unnecessary waste of money.