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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to choose and use a jigsaw for metal ?

Differences tools

main difference jigsaw metal is its division into household and professional tools.Household tools have weak capacity and are used for simple homework.Professional, on the contrary, have more power and are aimed at a long and difficult work.They differ on the following parameters:

  • power.This is the main parameter that divides the jig on the species.To cut not thick metal up to 0.5 millimeters, you is fine household tool for cutting 10 mm longer need a professional;
  • duration of the operation.Household tools need rest as heat, while the professional can work hours without interruption;
  • functions.For easy cutting of the conventional instrument would be enough, but if there are problems more complicated, it requires additional features, for example, for cutting thick metal need to be able to choose a low number of revolutions.

Note! Before buying you need to know exactly what work will be performed.If it is only for metal cutting, it is necessary to take a special tool when metal cutting is performed periodically, it is possible to buy and easy jigsaw with lowering rates.

perfect handmade metal jigsaw that will successfully meet all the requirements, must have the following characteristics: the weight should not be too large, for feeding the stock to be cylindrical in shape, make sure the presence of float is not excessive and will light.Also for the convenience and safety of the jigsaw must be equipped with a system of blowing sawdust.Power tool such undesirable at least 600 watts.

Proper nail file - quality work

for efficient cutting of the tool is not enough, you must still choose the right nail file.For sawing metal for jigsaw have very small teeth.They can be used for the metal to a thickness of 0.6 millimeters.Each nail file has a marking.For example, a standard cutter for metal denoted T118A, so seeing this label, you can buy a saw to work with material up to 0.5 millimeters thick.

Important!Sawing metal is very strong rattle, so it is necessary to work in protective headphones.

Besides the standard cutter for metal, there are other types of saw blades for different materials.For example, the file for aluminum has the teeth of a larger size, which allows them to not get clogged during operation.This is due to the fact that aluminum - the material is soft, which produces a rapid clogging of the teeth simple hacksaw for metal.Also, such a fabric may be used for cutting plastic.Many artists do just that.

Jigsaw for metal -

work rules to determine what the jigsaw needed, and what it is suitable for sawing, you must figure out how to cut the material.Metal cutting jigsaw has its own specific requirements and is somewhat different from cutting plywood.The first thing to remember, at the jigsaw do not need to press, otherwise overheat and burst canvas.If you want to make a long propyl, it is better to use a wide blade, and for bends - thin.Canvas requires frequent replacement, as it quickly blunts and dull saw blade will tear rather than cut the material.

When cutting plexiglass and non-ferrous metal fabric should be pre-moistened with water.Also liquid lube oil can be used to facilitate the process.If the thickness of the metal does not exceed one millimeter, then it is necessary to put a layer of plywood.The work should be carried out with a low-impact vibration to a minimum.Material is absolutely necessary to fix securely.

Important!Before use examine the instrument instruction, and after - to disassemble, clean and lubricate it.