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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to saw logs into planks : caution can not hurt

What will encounter when sawing logs?

Pass the century and the millennium, new materials and technologies, as wood, stone and metal as they were, and still are the main materials used by mankind in their needs.Products are all around us, wherever we are, wherever you go.

particularly noteworthy tree, creates all the atmosphere of coziness and comfort.Metal and stone cold and more concise, but the wood even warm to the touch.Therefore, the first two are used most of the material in the form of load-bearing structures and wood in interior decoration, however, after the activation of the appropriate type.

Before correctly to saw the log, it is necessary to examine it.If on the outer side of the tree has no significant flaws, the processing can be performed quickly and substantially without loss of the wood.

Logs must be sawn in such a way that the resulting material had the same density.And it needs to be remembered that the wood on the north side of the barrel has a higher density than in the south.Sawing logs along begins with removing the slab, this part is removed from both sides of the tree to get a timber that will not ride.

On one side of the cut we put the resulting timber, and the other looks up to her and start sawing.Now you can carve the remaining logs to the appropriate timber or equal to the thickness of the board.The output is a set of edging boards in which the raw edge (sometimes even from the tree bark) must then be cut with a hand saw.Now we can consider the work completed.

As sawn timber along - disappointing realities

All these recommendations are good for ideal logs, but as you know, the ideal is quite rare.In general, almost all the logs have various shortcomings, and we have to adapt and invent ways of butchering to avoid timber loss and get as much quality material as possible.

As in the previous case, before sawing logs along, you need to remove the slab from it. For those who do not know, slab - it's such a board, which has one sawn surface, while the other falls under any processing partially or not at all gets under way.

After removing the slab next step is edging board, it has been stated above.Longitudinal cut logs gives the board, but with rough edges.In the process, sincethe beam is not ideal, it is necessary to periodically turn and identify the best options for further use.Sometimes one of the cut timber have to turn it several times to 180 degrees to minimize the defective boards.

If it is possible to obtain a good quality material on the other side of the log, it is necessary to continue the process with him, and so to make full use of the wood.

Very often remains after cutting timber, it is also possible to put on the rack, board or use in its original form.

Features mechanisms for processing logs

Many private developers question arises: how to saw a log along the chainsaw?Experts recommend to carry out this operation, first of all, secure the timber and only then carry out the processing.In addition to the maximum shear was even, this requires a good sharpening saw chain to avoid being diverted toward or buy a special circuit designed for longitudinal cutting.

In addition, it is desirable that the logs were not long sincemanual quality to do something very difficult because of the long workpiece.Also in DIY stores sell special nozzles on the log and saw that called the mini-sawmill, they allow you to perform work at home quickly and easily.The only drawback of this equipment is its high cost.

act when using a handsaw need as well as the processing of sawmill.Cut the remaining slabs and the beam is cut into longitudinal boards, which are then separated from the raw side edges.Only the main difference when working with a chainsaw is increased complexity, because you need to maintain a uniform thickness of the board when dealing with constantly tending to wobble saw, as it was physically hard all the time to keep it in his hands.

All the experts agree that if there is a possibility, it is better to withdraw the material to the sawmill, where they are processed on professional equipment with minimal losses and extremely smooth edges.