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August 12, 2017 18:08

Round logs : the pros and cons of the material

few words about the production of logs

In fact, the material is made of milled logs, which took a thorough processing of special equipment.Depending on the type of machine it is possible to attach a different profile.The entire production phase is conventionally divided into 6 steps:

  • saw logs sorted by diameter;
  • otsilindrovochny supply to the machine;
  • cutting on details of the house with chain and circular saws;
  • in chashenareznoy machine parts come under the gusset - "cup";
  • handling all the details antiseptic;
  • packing in special packages for onward transport.

While in processing can be used various kinds of machines - transmission type, turning and milling (position), center, broaching and others.

logs: pluses and minuses

This material has both its pros and cons.Advantages of logs, primarily consist in fully organic production .In the manufacturing process does not apply any adhesive chemical substances.Second, the house made of logs - very hard construction as the beam has the same diameter along the entire length.It provides both a longer useful life.Thirdly,

has high insulating ability , thanks to minimal clearances in the crowns.

material itself has a high ability to accumulate heat and, moreover, a sufficiently low thermal conductivity .Fourth, connect timber elements can be at any angle .This gives a truly great opportunity for the implementation of any wooden structures.

Fifth, significantly savings and labor in assembling , as the logs arrive at the construction site with a ready-made channels and cups.All you need to do the masters, is to collect them.Sixthly, material has an aesthetically attractive appearance and does not require further decorative finish.

Disadvantages of logs related to the fact that the top protective layer is removed during processing.Because there are the following disadvantages: the shrinkage of the first floor of the structure by an average of 10-20 cm;cracking, curling spiral timber under the influence of wind.In particular, the first noticeable flaw.Shrinkage lasts from 6 months to 1 year, and during this period it is important to ensure gentle operation mode at home.It is undesirable to use heaters.

How to determine the quality of the logs?

quality of logs depends on the processing machinery, as well as the qualification of employees who carry out the work.So describe the moments that are worth paying attention to when buying.Firstly, all the parts must be made of the same wood.Secondly, on the products is not allowed the presence of rot, cracks, chips.Thirdly, the material must be perfectly flat, the curvature is eliminated.Fourth, deviations in diameter and in length between the beams may exceed a maximum of 2 mm.

Fifth, on each product shall be marked, confirming a particular specification.Sixth, log cabins made of logs are made only from growing (not dried before cutting) of trees.We need this in order to natural moisture is ensured.Seventh, the whole surface is treated appropriately antiseptic for a long operation.If all these conditions, the service life of logs may be more than 20 years.