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August 12, 2017 18:08

Mastic for roofing or waterproofing securely ?

The fix roofing material - popular ways

Roofing material is a soft roll material having waterproofing properties, which is made cardboard-based and is used for waterproofing roofs.

advantages of roofing material considered its flexibility, ease of laying and durability.A disadvantage is the easiest to flammability.It is used in the lower layers of roofing, waterproofing of building structures, but more often as the top layer of the roof covering.

So, there are several options, than to fix roofing material.Consider the characteristics of each of them.

Mastic allows you to create a monolithic seamless coverage and provides reliable waterproofing.Mastic is applied by roller, brush or spray equipment.Due to this, it can be used on the roofs of different shapes.The coating itself is glued hot and cold mastics.Sometimes it is one-sided and two-sided.

Ruberoid covered with refractory bitumen or on both sides or on one.One-way is used for the upper layer and hot glued with mastic.A two-way is used for all layers of the roof membrane, fixed with cold mastic.

can also nail the roofing, nails and using rail.Such a method is called mechanical fastening.It provides a secure attachment.Apply this method to fix the material on a wooden crate, the roof of which should have a slope of more than 15ยบ.

The glue roofing material?

Before fasten roofing material, it is necessary to prepare the surface.It certainly should be thoroughly cleaned of debris and dirt.Next should be sealed all the cracks and joints, the surface became smooth as possible.Then dry it and only then apply the primer.Priming makes the surface smooth, removes dust and small particles.This helps to better adhesion of roofing material with a roof.

Once the surface is ready, you can choose what to glue roofing material.For this purpose, we can apply the adhesive or mastic.gluing method they have the same: mastic or adhesive applied evenly.The rolls must stretch from inside to outside, that they are not air bubbles appeared.If they do get formed, they must be eliminated.To pierce the material and this web is pressed against the surface.

After the first layer is applied, the adhesive or mastic allowed to dry for 12 hours.Then a second coat can be applied and the process repeated.

nailed roofing nails properly

mechanical fixation is as follows: before arriving roofing material, it must be expanded in the right place and smooth.Then put the first layer on the second.Edge of the second layer should overlap the edge of the first of about 7-10 cm.

Then on top of it nailed slats.Lay them on a roll coating.The distance between them should be 10 cm less than the width of the roll.Krepjat their special Tolev nails.

third layer is placed on top.Its edges should lie on the rails.Then his dub and nailed to the bars at a distance of 50 cm Tolev nails.Seams on rails overlapping 20-centimeter strips of roofing material and also nailed.At the end of a roofing carpet wrapped crate under 10 cm and fixed with nails again.On the edges of the ridge, and roofing material on top Croutes boards and folded cover of 10-20 cm.