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August 12, 2017 18:08

Steel channel and its scope

What is a bent steel channel?

The sheet metal industry including the production of products take place not only sheets, but also elements of more complex shapes, such as hot-rolled and bent steel channels, which differ from each other only in the outer corners of the second are rounded for treating a steel sheetForming a special machine.

Channel has a U-shape, which is very convenient to connect it to the complex frames.They channel becomes and bearing supports, and peppered beams.There are quite a large number of brands of metal are significantly different from each other.

product labeled Y is a metal rolling the product, the internal surfaces of the shelves which have a bias, but the characteristics of P in the channel bar will mean that these shelves are absolutely parallel to each other.Among other things, there are cost-effective channels with straight shelves, they are designated by the letter E, and light elements, denoted marking L.

In addition to general-purpose channel bars are widely used and specific, designated by the letters C, their dimensions differ increased wall thickness at standard height and width.It is also worth mentioning the materials for the production of cars, respectively, in their labeling, as well as tractors with the designation T.

How to choose the right channel?

all depends on what you want to use this metal.If repairing the balcony, you'll like the distance between the walls of which corresponds to the thickness of the concrete slab.If you need a structural variant, it is best to refer to the project. have easy and economical channel bars of metal thickness is quite low, with the result that rely on the high structural strength of this rental is not necessary .

Another thing specialized channels, there may already be an excess in the opposite direction, that is to be feared excessive weighting frame buildings, so choose a high-alloy steel, so you can get rolling small overall dimensions.The length of the sill to ceiling openings must exceed them by 140 centimeters, that is, with the removal of 70 cm on both sides of the opening.

bent channel is often used in places where you want to hide communication, especially if it is low-alloy steel, which is due to low carbon content can withstand extremely low temperatures without damage to itself.

And now we give you some comparison U-sections of different types with similar dimensions.If a general-purpose channel width of 180 mm with a height of 70 shelves made of steel with thickness of 5.1 mm, the same product for special purposes, used in the automotive industry, has a thickness of 9 millimeters.

In general, for the construction and repair work can be used by any channel, as long as its parameters were taken into account in the project.In particular, the border of channel largely reinforce any cracks at the edges of the plate, but taking for such purposes better metal to the widest shelf, given that the range of sizes ranging from 32 to 115 millimeters.

Methods sill fasteners during installation

In general, the use of sill in the designs for their amplification provides two ways to connect this type of rolled metal - bolt or weld.Each has its advantages and disadvantages, in particular, welding - a fusion of the metal joints of the two joined parts, which means that if the work is done on the conscience, can not be afraid of penetration of moisture between the structural elements, as is the case with bolted joints.

However, the time spent on welding work, sometimes prohibitively delaying construction.Perforated channel to collect a lot easier, and the speed of installation is greatly improved, however, in addition to the previously mentioned lack of bolting there is another.

fact that the channel is much better corner or metal strip withstands load both axial and flexural strength, but is capable of punching a large extent the advantages of the U-shaped form.For example, the holes made with small gaps may eventually become a place sill gap, and even if all the norms and standards for drilling will be carried out, with low-quality anti-corrosion treatment design can be expected to rust foci precisely at the points bolting.

However, you can use both compounds in combination, and in places where access is not damp, perform perforation, while the remaining areas to carry out welding work.