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August 12, 2017 18:08

Plumbing fittings - ennoble home bronze tint

Sanitary accessories: a variety of bronze and its characteristic

It is known that copper was one of the metals, the first widely used in various fields of human activity.The reason for this was because of the ease of production of sufficiently low melting temperatures.One of the first metal alloys to increase hardness of the steel bronze.

distinguish among types of bronze tin, manganese, aluminum and others.The names reflect the major alloying elements (components include ligatures may also be zinc, beryllium, lead).On the other hand, not every component is added to the melt gives rise to a new species.Thus, alloys with zinc to form various brass alloys and nickel and copper-nickel called.

As is known, bronzes have a yellowish-golden color in different shades, depending on the composition of impurities.They are very well polished and looks really nice.Despite this, the alloy has sufficient rigidity.Made of him all kinds of sinks, faucets with fittings and without adapter for water supply and heating systems.

Moreover, bronze adapter is equally suitable for drinking water and for heating wiring using plastic pipes.Reliability of fastening adapters for tubes provided corresponding pressurizing tool.

Using bronze fittings does not require any seals or gaskets was, which, of course, beneficial impact on the total cost of installation works for laying and pipework systems.

Decorative bronze plumbing and its simulation

But, in addition to the utilitarian benefits, bronze ware and different beauty.Which have become very popular shell made of bronze, in conjunction with private and appropriate finish wall surfaces, allow to arrange in a city apartment this area of ​​the Roman baths in the ancient style.

course, such luxury bronze plumbing products will be expensive, but the feeling of being in a bath almost complete, and the water flowing from the mixer tap is the ability to copy the ancient Greek invented yet mechanic Gerona, adjusts to philosophical mood.

must say that the plumbing fittings and bronze is quite rare.In most cases, the responsible units in brownies hot water systems and heating systems are made of brass.A solution of the wiring in the basement and did often made using iron fittings.

But sanitary products made of bronze and brass knowingly applied in the most critical areas.High reliability and durability of bronze are recognized by all specialists.Therefore, its use is ultimately economically advantageous sinceIt eliminates the need for costly repairs.

Quite often less expensive plumbing, fittings, has a coating that mimics the bronze.As a rule, it can be a lacquer coating, characterized by high resistance.But it is not rare nickel or chrome.This coating is very practical, especially in conditions of constant humidity and sufficiently low water quality (high abrasiveness, hardness, etc.), even the presence of mechanical impurities.

moody bronze - a headache for the ignorant owners

Despite the fact that, as mentioned above, bronze plumbing valves and equipment have a high rigidity and resistance to use materials with a strong abrasive action is impossible to clean them.Of course, excluded methods of cleaning metal brushes, sandpaper, and so on. Nothing but hopelessly tainted surface, will not work.

desire to achieve gloss with solvents, descaling agents, acids will also lead to darkening of the surface, particularly if it simulates the bronze, and the effort has led to the removal of the protective layer.As with most plumbing, we can recommend the use of funds for the care of surfaces, apply a thick soapy water and a soft cloth.Often this is enough for regular care and cleaning.