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August 12, 2017 18:08

Glass processing equipment - make yourself smooth edge

why we carefully treat the glass?

In the world there is hardly a person who does not know what the glass.For a long time it was believed that glassmaking pioneers were the ancient Egyptians, but few archaeological finds have confirmed that it knew how to do and more ancient cultures.Working with glass - a laborious process, because it is quite brittle material.It can be cut, tint, sanded, painted, make him stained glass and more.When working with a large proportion of them will need diligence and patience.

Not so long ago was the last stage of the cutting process it at home, but with the advent of new equipment and technologies of glass and mirrors have become dull, grind, polish the edge processing is performed in the case of using glass as doors, shelves, walls of the tank and so on, that is, when the edge is directly visible.

This is done for security purposes, as sharp edges can injure yourself.This treatment gives the material an aesthetic appearance and reduces the likelihood of chipping and cracking, to the same raw glass has little commercial value.If it is required to insert, for example in the door, it is not necessary to handle.

What you need to know to get started?

Cutting and shaping takes place in three stages: direct itself cutting, grinding and polishing.She produced on special machines, but also at home with the help of available tools, you can perform such a task.Machine tool for machining edge of the glass used for mass production, for example, in the manufacture of furniture, commercial showcases, aquariums and so on.

Although, if there is one, it will simplify and speed up the treatment process, work will take place more efficiently, as these machines have a very low degree of uncertainty in the work.

glass Edging own hands will require the availability of such a tool: glass cutter, ruler, electric (Bulgarian is also nice), Head of grinding wheels, grinding wheels of different grit.For grinding needs low speed so as not to overheat the material, so you need a drill or a Bulgarian with regulating speed.

Grinding wheels should be of waterproof sandpaper.Wetting of edge necessary to prevent the glass dust into the pulmonary route.It is very harmful and not excreted from the body.The tool for glass processing can be purchased at any hardware store, so to find it does not need a lot of time and effort.

Stages domestic glass processing

starts shaping their own hands with the cutting.The first thing you need to mark and secure the fabric.Then, putting a line or curve, hold on a marking glass cutter, while adhering to the same pressing force and speed.Perform necessary once.After that you want to release the cutting line on a small distance from the surface on which you cut and tap the bottom with special hammer.

be torn, so I move on to polishing after cutting edge. To do this we put on a drill tip, we put the grinding wheel, first a coarse-grained, and start grinding.To the glass does not burst due to overheating, the maximum range of the rotation speed should not exceed 1700 rev / min.First we get rid of the jagged edges and aligned, and then attach to the edge of the shape.

finished edges coarse range, put the disk medium grain, and then the most fine-grained.After grinding edge is a matt and rough.Go to polishing.Polishing is carried out in the same manner as the grinding, only use felt circles and paste GOI .The paste is applied to the felt circle and the edge is polished to a shine.

Before you handle the glass, it should be remembered that while working with them requires compliance with safety regulations.Splinters can injure the hands, feet and especially the eyes, and glass dust will cause great damage to your health.