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August 12, 2017 18:08

Lining linden - a comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages

How Lining linden popular than others?

Somehow so happened that the lining is widely perceived purely as a material for walls baths or saunas.However, this view is wrong on this, because the wood trim looks great in the living room, and office.However, if you want to sheathe steam, why not, Lining linden as if specially created for this purpose.

low resin content, pleasant aroma, delicate tones of beige or coffee, if this Caucasian linden, - all this becomes the factors upon which the popularity of lime lining carpenters.You can even find a budget option, the so-called "rustic style" - a sort of a special kind of material is made from the trunk of the core, thereby obtaining a dark lining, which is sold at lower prices, despite the fact that its characteristics are not inferior to the first-class.

But high quality basswood makes it indispensable, since everything depends on the choices of one sort or another, and thus in the number of knots and other defects per linear meter. If you want a perfectly smooth lime bar with a clean surface, you need Lining extra, but be prepared to spend a lot of money or have to settle knotty paneling


Other species, however, also have their drawbacks, and knots are present on the surface of any timber.Therefore different breeds carpenters distributed as follows: for residential buildings - Lining aspen, rarely larch for baths - basswood or aspen, cedar if, it is preferable to the north (less resin).

Lining pine - universal finishing material

timber can be expensive and not very good, is not uncommon and something in between, when the high-quality material can be bought for very budget price.These concerns Lining pine, widely used for facing rooms in the house, and for plating baths.Resinous wood that is quite high, although lower than that of cedar, which grows in the south.

It is because of the content of pine resin perfectly resists fungus and dampness, that is, this type of wood has its own, natural antiseptic impregnation .Being on the border of different temperatures, for example, in the steam bath department where the internal temperature is very different from the outside, pine is not deformed and stabilizes in its structure the temperature difference.

As already mentioned, where the pine is used, not always appropriate Lining cedar, because of the high gummosity the latter, but the texture and beauty of wood in different shades of pink cedar interior walls it has a clear advantage over the pine.

the rest, both trees are similar in their characteristics - a magnificent flavor, antiseptic properties, ease of processing, quality factor and the nobility of the surface.However, while the pine from prolonged exposure to moisture is blue, pine retains its color under all conditions.That's just the price of cedar material quite bite.

almost eternal Lining larch

There are woods, oak superior in strength, there are those that do not yield to him almost all the features, including the latest - the larch, although chem-to it certainlyworse.It's no wonder, when given the choice, prefer the wizard oak.However, this only applies to large-size materials, such as logs or lumber.The fact that virtually oak veneer is not applied as its gray texture loses a small scale expression.

Given also the fact that he also has a tendency to crack, wood paneling of this will not work under any circumstances.Another thing Lining of larch, which does not rot and is not subject to attacks carpenter, is not afraid of moisture and it's all thanks to our own antiseptic properties (the whole point of the resin).Larch

denser than pine, more than 30%, it is both an advantage and a disadvantage because a high density is similar to the thermal conductivity, but the strength and considerable.

If we talk about antiseptics and handling in general, it is even worse in this respect Lining aspen, which has virtually no immunity to many diseases peculiar to the wood.Yes, there is no doubt that the aspen against abrasion is not worse than oak, but it is devoid of pleasant scents such as cedar and pine (although not has an unpleasant smell that accompanies the wood of palm Abasha), the texture of it, too unremarkable.

Without special impregnation aspen quickly will become worthless, and antiseptics are not always able to protect it from various negative external factors, such as a fungus, moisture and insects.