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August 12, 2017 18:08

Cutting concrete - the technology of the process in simple language

Diamond drilling concrete

One of the most common work, which is performed with diamond tools - diamond drilling of reinforced concrete.This is an enabling technology that allows you to make holes of any shape.With such advantages, this type of work is simply indispensable to any construction site where you want to drill reinforced concrete.

use this technology to quickly solve the problem by drilling the required number of holes in a short time.It is made in the horizontal and vertical positions at an angle of 45 to 90 degrees.The diameter of the holes - from 20 to 500 millimeters.drilling speed is 2.6 cm per minute, depending on the material and diameter.Power is supplied by a network with a voltage of 220 or 380 volts.

Important!To ensure proper and efficient operation should have access to water and stable power supply.

Pros work with diamond tools for reinforced concrete

Diamond drilling of reinforced concrete - by far the most reliable and secure way to solve the problem of drilling.The essence of the technology are as follows: drill rig consists of a crown with diamond segment, motor carrier base and the stand.Such a method is unstressed, allowing drill holes without damaging the bearing elements.This is the main advantage of diamond drilling before operating a jackhammer.

In the process, the design does not get destructive vibrations that adversely affect its integrity.A great advantage of this method is the lack of need for any special conditions.Diamond drill holes in reinforced concrete makes it fast and with metric precision.In comparison, all other drilling methods are considered obsolete.

Note!Drilling concrete diamond tool is harmless for the operator.

method Advantages:

  • No dust, noise and vibration;
  • Dimensional accuracy and smooth round shape;
  • work is done quickly;
  • Possibility to use in confined areas;
  • Drilling at an angle and deep;
  • Allows you to solve complex problems.

Dismantling and disposal of concrete

In addition to drilling, with reinforced concrete held many other operations.One of the most difficult - is its utilization.His strength becomes a problem when it comes time to dismantle this material.When demolition of reinforced concrete, due to overcrowding, the old methods, such as blasting, is not always acceptable.In this situation, used hydraulic shears, hydraulic, poshery and crushers.

shears for concrete - it is a great tool for dismantling the old structures.They have powerful teeth and blades, which are easy to snack break a concrete and rebar.It is an efficient, reliable and accurate method for the demolition of buildings.

Once the structure are only stones and fittings, it takes for the concrete crusher.Often this jaw crusher.They have a robust design, easy to operate, produce high milling degree, low produce dust and noise.The most common are mobile crusher.They exist 4 types: mobile jaw, mobile impact, roll and hydraulic.

Note!There crushers with a complex and simple movement of the cheeks.Mobile crusher equipped with often complicated option, as they are more versatile.