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August 12, 2017 18:08

Stamps cement - study " ID " materials

What does the brand of cement, and how to define it?

Cement brand shows the abbreviation PC or M. Abbreviation M400 will mean that it can withstand pressures of up to 400 kg / cm³.The number of any additives will be displayed as the letter E and the specified percentage of these additives.For example, D10 - which means that 10% contained additives.Of course, any additives affect the characteristics of the composition, strength, and ductility.

There are specific varieties of cement to the individual properties. How to cement brand with special properties? Such material is marked abbreviations:

  • B - it is fast curing speed;
  • PL - plasticized;
  • SS - cement with sulphate resistant properties;
  • H - the so-called normalized cement (clinker is produced on the basis of);

marking cement and its designation can tell a lot about the peculiarities of its use, operation and durability.Let us examine the main varieties of this material.

Popular brands of cement

brand M500 D0 cement

used to produce significant, concrete and reinforced concrete structures, mainly in the construction industry.After all, there is imposed considerable demands on durability and other characteristics, such as frost resistance and water resistance.This is a very effective brand for the works, which are associated with the repair or restoration, as has a high initial strength.

brand cement M500 D20 often applied in industry, as well as in the agricultural or residential production.Used in the manufacture of precast concrete beams, and, laying the foundations and floor slabs and the like, including the use in the manufacture of concrete and mortar.

Fits this brand of cement for bricklaying, plastering and this kind of repair and construction works.It is water resistant, hardy, has a high protection to corrosion, in contrast to ordinary Portland cement.

Cement labeled M400 D0 used to produce precast concrete and reinforced concrete structures, where it is necessary the use of hydrothermal treatment.Also applied to concrete or reinforced concrete overground, underground, or underwater structures, that are exposed to fresh water or saline water.It's a good name for different concrete and mortar.

brand cement M400 D20 used in industrial and agricultural production, and in housing construction.From it are made precast concrete, foundations, beams, floor slabs, wall panels, etc.It has good frost resistance and water resistance.

Special varieties of cement

cement designation as a rapid- says that this species is characterized by an intense increase of its strength in the early stages of solidification.Basically, suitable for the production of structures and precast concrete.Special properties (high solidification rate) due to the microstructure and mineralogical composition of the clinker, the main component of fineness and dosing of additives.

Cement plasticized has high ductility and resistance to low temperatures and concrete mortar mass.For this mark, when the process of grinding the clinker, it is introduced in the hydrophilic plasticizing surfactant additive amount of 0.15-0.3% by weight.Mainly used in the processing of foods feed yeast sulfite liquor - PRS (sulfite-alcohol Bard).

Cements sulfate - a type of portland cement.This brand of cement has properties of high resistance to saline water that contain sulfates, as well as less heat, low-intensity curing and high frost resistance.

This stamp is obtained by the fact that the finely ground cement clinker with normalized mineralogical composition.Used to produce designs for hydro or similar structures that are affected by aggressive sulfate environment, for example, sea water, especially under the condition of variable moisture, as well as constant alternation of freezing to thawing.

normalized cement useful for all kinds of road surfaces, non-pressure and pressure of concrete pipes, railway sleepers, bridge structures.And also for the support pillars of high-voltage power lines, for catenary railway transport or lighting.It is necessary to deliver the composition, which is manufactured on the basis of a normalized clinker composition which contains tricalcium aluminum by weight, not more than 8%.

We hope that everything is clear and there are no more questions, which means the brand of cement, as well as what the marking characteristics.