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August 12, 2017 18:08

Walnut veneer is chosen for the mind

What is a veneer?

It is a thin sheet of solid wood, which can be made by cutting, peeling.Accordingly, in the work on the creation of high-quality veneer various tools can be used.Typically, selected for large logs bars or shortened, for example, for making peeling material.

huge development of the indigenous American walnut wood and are a valuable material with which the leading construction firms operate.The complexity of the work lies in the fact that the wood can crack a nut.Only the most accurate drying and work with modern equipment allow to produce high quality veneer.

veneer walnut Characteristics

Pale brown wood has a smooth texture, beautiful natural pattern, well polished.wood color depends on the region of its growth, so the color and shade can vary from light brown to rich, almost black.

Smooth wood surface well perceives coloring agents, especially water-based paints.By means of special master coatings achieve the desired hue and surface gloss.Veneers can be securely fastened to the surface with screws or nails, formed hole does not become a cause of cracking.

also veneer can be fixed with a special glue.The material has a dry density of about 660 kg per m3, an excellent indicator, which indicates that the splicing of American walnut may be used in almost any order.

walnut veneer, with all its beauty and has some weaknesses.First of all, if the surface is constantly exposed to friction, for example, when a nut veneered door, the inevitable attrition, and it can be cured only replacement threshold.

also natural materials are not alien to heterogeneity in the figure, and poor resistance to UV radiation, which means that it eventually will start to lose color saturation.Even though it will be much later than that of any man-made materials, but still be able to avoid this.

Application veneer American walnut

Generally, the material is widely used for creating a class "luxury" furniture - benches for a suburban area or stylish chairs.Often you can find cars, inside the finished veneer.Master used material for facing pianos and piano.

Decorated veneer American walnut tools look expensive and stylish.Due to various embodiments of material processing, you can get the desired hue by varnishes and paints, colorless compositions allow further protect the veneer against moisture and dust.

quality American walnut veneer often used in the design of apartments in the "eco" style.In the production process can not American walnut file down and digging specifically to preserve the roots.Among them it is impossible to make materials with amazing pictures, that such options are valued most highly and are much more expensive.

Carrying finishing flat, creating decorative panels American walnut veneer - an interesting move that adds to the interior of the notes of nature.Light options are ideal for design living room or bedroom, and the dark will look spectacular in the hallway or in the kitchen.

As the material almost does not let moisture, it does not require additional treatment, but in some cases veneer coated with transparent varnish.This is to protect the material from exposure to dust.

varnishing veneer beautifully shimmers in the sun and allows for cleaning using chemical means.High-quality veneer does not lose its attractiveness for many years, which is why the furniture can last for decades and remain in excellent condition.