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August 12, 2017 18:08

Career as an ingredient in the sand career builder

it always should use the quarry sand?

That sand that is mined pit method, owes its origin to weathering.As soon as the rocks are destroyed, they are deposited close to the deep layers, century after century, until it comes to a person and begins to produce this natural resource.

Thus even packed the sand is loose enough weight, which consists of particles of different sizes from 0.16 to 5 millimeters.Formed quarry sand from such breeds as quartz, mica and feldspar, limestone fraction found.All types of sand are extracted in different careers.

only disadvantage of sand that arises in the course of weathering, with which you may encounter - it's clay, dirt and the presence of fairly large particles, which can be attributed to the gravel .However, for construction work sand fraction, obtained in his career, the most preferred due to their angular shape, which provides better grip with astringent components.

It should be remembered that even at a high surface roughness, the finer the sand, the more water is required for its moisture, and the more binding agents necessary to coat the filler.

On sand pit GOST sets stricter standards

Standards are subject not only to the producers of various goods, produce natural materials also are selected in accordance with GOST.Tests to determine compliance with the requirements, there are very different.

For example, in order to take away sand pit, GOST 8736-93 is required to determine the composition of the grain by sieving through a sieve with a mesh of different caliber (0.16; 0.315; 0.63; 1.25; 2.5 and 5millimeters). Typically, sand from the quarry with inclusions of gravel without screening is only a pillow under your foundation.

If the list only some of the existing sand quality checks, the following picture emerges.Determined resistance to alkali sand, this requirement must be taken into account in the manufacture of concrete.There is a list of minerals, the use of which for mortars unacceptable.

Among other things, construction sand quarry undergoes a test solution treated with sodium hydroxide according to GOST 8735 (study on organic matter), as a result of which it does not change the color mixture to the corresponding existing reference or darker.

What better use of river sand or a career?

acquainted with the characteristics of the sand quarry production (angular, with increased roughness, ideal for coupling with astringent additives for construction mixtures), compare it with the river analogue.Actually, the requirements regarding to the last grain composition are the same as, and to the career, but the check in accordance with GOST he held several other.

The difference between river sand and career of origin in the form of river looks much more aesthetically pleasing, it is round, thanks to the long running-water.However, there is one difference - the price, and if you choose a career or river sand, then, based on the cost, better to choose the first.

River sand, unlike other kinds of material that is extremely environmentally friendly, that determines its popularity in interior decoration.

river sand used in landscaping to sprinkle flower beds and paths, as well as in the finishing works for different plaster mixtures.A particularly favorable effect on the quality of finishing the absence of foreign particles in the sand, that is its purity.

Among other things, sand, mined in the rivers and along the coast, well passes through the moisture, delaying it to the pavement thickness.This feature is widely used in the construction of highways.