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August 12, 2017 18:08

Cutting tiles - simplify the job right tool

Cut tiles - from simple to complex

quite possible to hear questions about how often, how to cut ceramic tile correctly .These questions are not random, as when cutting it often breaks down in the glazed surface appear chips and cavities.And there is quite a natural desire to do this work well and as carefully as possible, thereby saving money and aesthetic appearance of the material.

Before cut tiles, it is best to soak in water and let stand for one hour.For work, we need glass cutters, manual tile cutters, stationary, electric and Bulgarian.For drilling holes in tile use a ballerina or a hand drill with a drill pobeditovym.

Before you cut ceramic tile glass cutter , look at the volume of work required, asThis tool is good to apply for small pruning, when there is no need to spend money on special tool.

difference between the glass cutter and tile is the size of the cutting wheel (from Tile is 1.5 cm longer, allowing you to make an incision deeper), as well as in the form of the instrument itself.Tile is similar to a kind of tongs, it can be used for breaking the tile after the cut.

Among other things, it is located on top of the area and on the bottom - a special metal tooth.It is important when purchasing the instrument to pay attention to the material of which is made on the corner of the top, and to select, on a metal capabilities.In addition, you need to look, so that this tool has not been backlash and unnecessary sagging.Before buying you can ask the seller to show how the cutting of tiles.

Ceramic tiles - will require more cost

and the first and second tool is very good handle wall (thinner) tile, but how to cut ceramic tiles, designed for sex and, especially, granite?For such cases, the best solution would be the acquisition of a stationary Tile .This tool allows you to cut the material very accurately, and with fewer losses.

can be drawn from this conclusion: if there is a need for laying cutting wall and floor tiles, better to buy at once stationary tool.The technology works on it is slightly different from the manual version.In the implementation of cutting experts advise to be applied to the cutting wheel a few drops of oil, it will make cutting easier and more clear.

Professional masters prefer Electric tile .This tool allows you to work easy and pleasant.Diamond blades are left totally smooth cuts with slightly rounded edges, as a result, virtually waste-free cutting, cut-outs will be fulfilled, as well as the ability to cut into pieces less than 5 mm.

In addition, it allows to cut the tiles of various hardness.The obvious advantage of this type of tool is the ability to carry out the work with little or no dust.But do not forget about security measures.Before how to cut ceramic tiles, you must put on gloves and goggles.

What can be fraught with danger?

cutting tiles at home are usually carried out by -grinder saw .This saw allows you to make both straight and shaped cutouts.But it leaves the sharp jagged edges that need to be subsequently zapilivaem and to sand.Above all, this tool is very dangerous to use, and therefore requires an extremely cautious and careful handling.

With manual cutting kafelerezom need to measure out and draw a cut line, then combine with the line drawn by the label and make an incision.After the tile is pressed against the edge of the table and breaking open on the cut line.If necessary, the slice zapilivaetsya.

As can be seen from all the above, the yield in the case of non-standard tiling is, you can cut a variety of tools.Each of them is able to set various operations, and they require different skill levels, and even dangerous in its own way.With this knowledge base, you may well be able to determine and correct approach to the process of cutting tiles at home.