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August 12, 2017 18:06

Repair of the parquet with his own hands

Parquet flooring, sooner or later, but necessarily require repair as loss or loosening of dies can occur during operation.In addition, from the temperature difference and parquet rassyhaetsya cracks, large cracks are formed between the fragments and the floor begins to creak.All these problems can be solved with some effort.

Repair of the parquet with his own hands

parquet Repair their own hands

parquet Repair their own hands can be produced in the event that the owner of property is a representation of how it's done correctly.Faithfully refurbished, parquet, with sootvetstvuyushaya care of them, will serve still a very long time.

Types repair

Article Contents

  • 1 Types repair
  • 2 causes of defects
  • 3 Technologies repair work on the parquet floor
    • 3.1 Surface tarnished
    • 3.2 scratches and streaks
    • 3.3 Slots and chips
    • 3.4 cranky dies
    • 3.5 Video: partial renovation of the parquet floor with replacement plates
    • 3.6 Parquet creaks
    • 3.7 Getting wet parquet
    • 3.8 Depreciation coverage
    • 3.9 Cleaving dies
    • 3.10 Video: Repair of the parquet floor

According to the degree of complexity and scale of the work undertaken, hardwood floor repair can be divided into three types:

  • Itmaintenance, which is carried out planning, after a certain period of operation.Regular performance of these preventive measures, you can push the "global" to repair indefinite period ;
Текущий ремонт обычно направлен на поддержание "свежего" внешнего вида покрытия

Maintenance work is usually aimed at maintaining the "fresh" appearance of the coating

  • Middle Remo nt etc. gadfly in cases where there were clear signs of flaws floor - he began creak, faded,on the surface appeared dark or bright spots, the individual dice are in motion, and others.
Partial repairs are often necessary to have recourse to the replacement of individual elements of parquet

partial repairs are often necessary to resort to the replacement of individual elements of parquet

  • ma nt etc. Gadfly due to long service lifeor in case of a sudden complete damage, for example, by flooding the room.

qualitatively assembled parquet flooring will last for decades, if every three - five years conduct its revision and maintenance work, as required by correcting even minor flaws.During the operation on the surface may be formed such small damage like scratches that you should promptly wipe - the more scratches, the more it becomes turbid coating.

Small defects do not require major repairs, they may well be eliminated locally.

Sometimes, the average area of ​​the repair can be quite impressive

area average repair times can be quite impressive

With an average repair by show individual sections or dies parquet for their restoration or a complete replacement.

When major repairs parquet usually stretches completely

When overhaul parquet usually perestilali fully

Overhaul involves almost full or completely full replace the flooring in the new.Sometimes used and old dies after cleaning and restoration.

causes of defects

The reasons for the emergence of various defects on the floor are the following factors:

  • Long coating operation.
  • mechanical damage to the surface when moving furniture and walking in shoes with sharp heels or taps.
  • water seeps under the flooring base, excessive humidity or high temperature in the room that facilitates deformation and drying wood.
  • very harmful parquet too often conducted by wet cleaning, especially with the use of large quantities of water - it leads to the development of putrefactive processes in the wood dies, if moisture gets between them and does not have time to dry.
  • appearance of mold colonies, fungi, insects harmful to wood.

conducting another audit parquet flooring, you can immediately find all sorts of defects, but it is better to carry out the tapping, which will indicate the place where the dice away from the base.Perhaps, have to pick up some suspicious-sounding when rapping parketiny.

Technologies repair work on the parquet floor

So, it is worth considering in detail repair and regenerative processes in more detail, to know how to solve these issues.

Surface tarnished

Tarnished covering spoil the overall look of the room

Tarnished covering spoil the overall look of the room

Parquet usually covered several security tools, such as varnish, oil or wax (or cements based on them).Such a coating can be easily damaged by mechanical, in particular - the abrasive effects, and then the flooring will lose brightness of color and pattern.This problem can be termed as the most common , so the easiest to eliminate.

as long as possible not to run into a similar flaw in the parquet, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules of the coating operation.So, you need to have a family home in the soft-soled shoes, put on a tough furniture legs soft rubber tips, which can be purchased in stores that sell furniture accessories.In addition, to protect parquet, in the area of ​​the room where a sofa or chair, which has a slide-out design on wheels , it is best to put the hard carpet .Regular maintenance of parquet flooring lies in its periodic treatment with mastic.

Regular processing parquet floor mastic should be a mandatory rule

Regular processing parquet floor mastic should be a mandatory rule

If the coating of parquet, despite steps taken , still dimmed, or it a large number of scratches, the floor can be put in order by grindingand sanding followed by application of protective and decorative layer.

Conducting floor sanding

Carrying sanding floor

During sanding removed varnish end of life, and at the same time carried out the alignment of the surface, as for a long time, some of the plates may be slightly lower or raise.

After sanding , the floor needed a good vacuum, and you are ready to cover its selected composition.If coating will be varnished, it must be thoroughly before applying the move, especially, if it consists of matting agents.After mixing, the varnish 10 - 15 minutes left to "rest", to remove any air bubbles during mixing.In that case, kogdapol will be covered with varnish, water-based composition may be slightly diluted with water, if it is too thick.

Clearcoat application on parquet floor

varnish application on parquet flooring

application of varnish often carried out with a foam roller or a nozzle with a wide brush.Movement tool desirable to carry out the direction of textured wood pattern.

Depending on the quality of varnish and the desired end result, the coating composition is applied in two or even three layers.Each of the layers necessary to dry thoroughly before applying the next.Drying Time varnish should be indicated on the package.More of varnishes for wooden floors and parquet discussed in a special publication of our portal.

After applying the last layer on the floor, it should be left to fix the 4 - 5 days, and only after this time will be subjected to operational loads.Slower varnish is dry when the indoor humidity is increased and cool.

After drying to remove the effect of the residual stickiness floor, recommended gently wash it with mild soap, such as a household tool for cleaning floors.

scratches and streaks

Most often, scratches and dark stripes on the parquet floor appear on heels or rubber soles.If the flooring is made of solid wood rocks and has a high-quality protective coating, it is more resistant to mechanical damage, but sometimes it happens accidentally damaged when moving furniture.Therefore , in the house where laid parquet, always in stock slippers with soft soles, not only for family members, but also for guests.From black stripes on the surface of the flooring can save the special polymeric mastic, which cover the floor.

Stiletto heels - a common cause of scratches on the floor

stiletto heels - a common cause of scratches on the floor

If the parquet was not coated with a protective agent and it still formed band, then to remove them, you can buy a special means .

Grout scratches retouching pencil

Grout scratches retouching pencil

When small cracks, the problem is solved using pencil retouching the same tone that has parquet flooring.

Slots and chips

If individual plates formed chips, deal with this problem a little more complicated, but also - quite possible.For this event there are several effective means - is plaster on wood, putty melt , makeshift structure of epoxy glue and sawdust.

  • Before repairing flooring with burial of organic chips, it is necessary to carry out the process of cleaning them with a vacuum cleaner.The deepening cleavage must be absolutely clean - just in case any of the fillers will have good adhesion to the wood surface.

- Normal plaster on wood can be used for deep cleavages - in this case it would be better to hold on. But unfortunately, this kind of material for the restoration of the parquet does not last for a long time, since it is more rasschita on to the plane, which are less exposed to mechanical stress, and is often, mainly , «cosmetic" effect.

- Fillers melt used to repair parquet preferable.This tool is solid wax having a variety of shades and colors.Apply this product to damaged place in molten form.For its softening using heating with the help of the battery or gas voskoplavitelya .This tool is suitable for sealing of deep chips, cracks, dents and scratches, formed not only in the dance floor, but other natural and synthetic surfaces.After complete solidification this putty not afraid of loads and mechanical stresses.

Using a putty - melt for sealing surface flaws

Using putty-melt for sealing surface flaws

- Self filler can be made of two-component epoxy glue and sawdust of the desired shade.First mix the glue components in one part - proportion of its production on the packaging.Then, in the need to add a little dust and stir into a homogeneous mass.

If such plaster will be made and imposed properly, it will last as much as will lie parquet.

  • Further, peeling or dimple filled with a putty .Her shade you need to choose a slightly lighter color flooring, if a small stone chip.Provided filling putty a large area, it is better to choose an identical color shade of the parquet.
  • After hardening sealing material, remove it surplus, if any, and polish the surface with a fine sandpaper.If recovery was subjected to a large portion of the die, it is better to cover the top of its varnish or rub with mastic.
  • If Rassokha parquet, and between the dies gap formed, they can be repaired composition made of wood glue and water, which are taken in proportions 2:15.And they are heated to boil until the glue is completely dissolved in water.Then this mixture is added five pieces of fine sawdust and the same cement , and knead it until smooth.
Caulking compound semi- plastering

caulking semi-plastering composition

  • This mixture is applied to the gap formed between the dies, and allowed to dry, and it surplus immediately wiped from the surface of the parquet.The embedded portions of this composition to dry for a long time - about 10 ÷ 14 days, but if you give them a good freeze, then putty securely will hold and protect the coating against moisture penetration through cracks.
  • gap between the dies can be formed, and around baseboards, if laid piece parquet. To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to raise the plinth - possibly weakened wedges or he general for any reason is missing.In this case, you need to change or install a spacer between the wall and at a die sized to the place of the plinth can be installed.

cranky dies

Parquet without due care, may eventually crack from dryness, even more so, if indoor constant temperature is above normal, or if temperature changes occur very often and quickly.Under the influence of such a die dry, become smaller and, therefore, become loose.

Such dies, of course, need to be replaced

Such dies, of course, need to be replaced

If there was loosening of large areas of flooring, it is replaced completely, as partial replacement take as much time as the surface is new.In addition, conducting extensive renovation of one of the parts of the floor are not give no assurance that it is not to undermine the rest of the elements over time.

If you pick up a few plates, then they should be replaced with new ones, but you need to find the details of the same size, color, and made of the same wood.

  • cranky dies removed with a chisel.If parketina pulled hard, then it need to divide by setting a cutting plane parallel to the structure of chisel wood fibers in the die.After splitting dies it is removed from the general construction in parts.
Removing the damaged flash drives

Removing the damaged dies

  • Then, you need to remove from the base to the liberated area, which was distant die, adhesive residue, thoroughly clean the surface and, if necessary - to align with the help of putty.
  • If you need to replace one die of parquet, the parts must be prepared to cut the ridge, and it end process plane.Perhaps, have to cut this part and the adjacent dice if have to change a few pieces of the adjacent flooring elements.
  • can proceed in another way - collect "cell" of the dies separately, on the surface, and then install it in the overall picture entirely.The main thing that the assembled element is well blended into a common plane.
Preparation of several planks for flooring replacement section

Preparing multiple dice for a replacement flooring

  • site replacement of individual elements of parquet, they can be installed in place on adhesive or mastic asphalt, which have before laying plates warm.To a new, freshly laid parquet tuck portion recommended load, but in such a way that its part lying on adjacent long glued tiles.If the edges to perform redundant to lei, it must be removed immediately, without waiting for drying.