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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to choose a heat-resistant paint ?

heat-resistant paint for metal.Paint for the barbecue and fireplace

choosing a heat resistant paint, metal, in particular, determine the scope of application of such coatings.From it depends on the level of thermal protection:

  • for radiators enough stock to 100 degrees, it will paint based on alkyd and acrylic resins;
  • withstand up to 200 degrees enamel based on epoxy resins;
  • epoksiefirnye and ethyl silicate compounds can withstand up to 450 degrees - a heat resistance enough for barbecues and braziers;
  • enamel based on a silicone resin can withstand up to 600 degrees;As a rule, their fire resistance increase aluminum powder;
  • heat-resistant compositions based on liquid glass and composite components can withstand up to 650 degrees or even higher, and are used for the processing engines, fireplaces, furnaces, boilers, exhaust pipes of cars and other structures, imposes high requirements heat resistance.

If high product use plain, not heat-resistant paint, the effects can wear a very sad character.Some enamel just quickly lose color, turn yellow, cracked and exfoliate, while others may begin to release toxic esters or other harmful to humans and the environment matter.Strong overheating can even cause a fire!The same applies to improperly selected temperature stability.

Note!If you plan to use a heat-resistant paint for metal only, look on the package is the appointment.Advanced bill of materials (plastic, wood, glass) strongly affect the price of the enamel.

Individual attention fireproof paint for metal.They can withstand not only high temperature and critical, but it is absolutely static, even in direct contact with the flame.Such compositions can be safely used for the treatment of barbecues, barbecue, fireplace grates and accessories, stoves.

Painted BBQ

Note!If the product is supposed to be coated contact with fire, do not settle for simple indicators of the thermal stability - look for on the label marked "refractory"!

heat-resistant paint on glass and ceramics

There are not many materials that are widely used for products exposed to high temperatures.Glass - one of the most popular among them.It is often used in the decoration of fireplaces, stoves and similar designs.

Beautiful ceramic tile

If you want to refresh or formalize decorative glass or ceramic surfaces exposed to heat, will have to show special care:

  • select the temperature mode is similar to the enamel paint with a heat-resistant metal;
  • ensure that the scope of the composition of said glass or ceramic;
  • prepare the surface: remove the litter, dust, stickers and degrease the surface;
  • ideally - be sure to use a heat-resistant primer on the glass for better adhesion.

As a rule, work with glass and ceramics using spray paint.They place an even layer, without leaving streaks, like a brush or roller.

Primer on glass

Apply the paint need to follow the instructions on the container (usually from a distance of 25-30 cm).After complete drying of the first layer (at least 20 minutes), it is necessary to apply a second coating more uniform.

To make matte or glossy shine, as well as additional fixing may be used as a finishing layer of heat-resistant lacquer.

heat-resistant paint in cans up to 1000 degrees

Aerosol heat-resistant paint with temperature control up to 1000 degrees is often used in everyday life: from the radiator paint pre-treatment of car engine.It has a number of useful features that outweigh choice in her direction:

  • heat-resistant paint protects the metal from corrosion even at high temperatures;
  • intumescent paint has the same problem, but under the influence of open fire;
  • provides ease of application of decorative coating by aerosol form;
  • economical when applied;
  • has a huge choice of colors.

More than 1000 degrees in a life practically nothing can become hot under normal circumstances, so the paint with high temperature resistance threshold shall apply only to commercial production.Their price is much higher, and is unlikely to be available, given the requirements for thermal paint in the home.