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August 12, 2017 18:08

What is the best roofing material for different tasks ?

Learn to distinguish between types of roofing

There are different types of roofing material, and a greater role in their classification plays the character of spreading.Consider the classification of the material:

  • Material Coarse-grained.It is used as a top and bottom layer of roof cladding and for waterproofing roofs.Fit and hot, and the cold mastic;
  • Ruberoid Coarse-grained to dust and the front side.Used for bonding the upper layer of the roof;
  • material with a scaly mineral granules.Available in single and double versions.The first embodiment is placed on a hot mastic only, and the second - on the hot and cold;
  • With fine grit - also issued one-sided and double-sided.Used it for waterproofing and as a lower roof cladding;
  • cushioning roofing material with dust-like grit is used for the same purposes as the previous material.

All kinds of roofing material has its designation, which need to know when choosing a material.For example, the designation PM 400 .The letters mean the following: P - roofing material, M - fine grain.Other letters that occur in the notation have the transcript: K - large grain, W - flake, PP - with dust grit.The figures represent the weight of the material in grams per square meter.

Note!Choosing a roofing material as a roofing material, it is necessary to take into account its features.

What better roofing material: variety of material types

addition, there are varieties of roofing material, which are based on the composition of the material.

Rubemast - rolled material, which is made on the basis of roofing paper.From the usual roofing material is characterized in that on the bottom side has a higher content of bitumen which improves the ductility and resistance to cracking.Its styling is produced by melting the bottom layer or kneading solvents.Another type - Steklobit is the same material as rubemast except that the base is made of fiberglass.

Another type of material - it evroruberoid.It is made of fiberglass or synthetic basis with the application of the coating layer 2.5 kilograms per square meter.The covering layer is produced by mixing bitumen and polymeric additives.This material has excellent characteristics and long lifetime.He applied the method of melting the bottom layer.

Last kind of roofing - roofing.This material is cardboard, which is impregnated with shale or coal product, two mineral grit.Today it is a rare type of roofing material, as the best roofing material is considered to be traditional.

Note!The above species have a life span of 30 years, which makes them an excellent and durable material for roofs roof.

Pros and cons or what to look for?

In order to select the best roofing material, some knowledge of the species and types of materials will be insufficient.It is also necessary to pay attention to his strengths and weaknesses.For example, bitumen, which is the basis of roofing material is softened at a temperature of 50 degrees, which, of course, unacceptable to the material used for the roof of the roof.

To improve this situation, there is material that is subject to oxidation, thereby softening occurs at a temperature of 90 degrees.However, along with these drops and frost, and even at zero degrees it starts to crack. Note!Oxidation occurs with the participation of air, so that after laying of the material and the process proceeds further, because of which the properties deteriorate.

Roofing material is organic-based, on the one hand, making it environmentally friendly, and on the other hand, it weakens.So, over time, from the temperature difference and the effects of precipitation cardboard base is destroyed, which degrades the quality of waterproofing.To remedy this situation, the different types of roofing material with polymer additives that prolong battery life.