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August 12, 2017 18:08

Foamed polyethylene - it is so much around us !

foam polyethylene - the use of the properties and obtaining

has long become commonplace in everyday life polyethylene can take most unexpected forms and be used in areas where its use seemed impossible.Who would think that a thin transparent film is usually presented this material is highly modern way to create the most reliable body armor?

way, foiling foam can be combined with glass fiber reinforcement.The use of such folgoplasta limited temperature range from minus 60 to plus 180 degrees drop of 240 degrees!This material protects the wood from the fire.Moreover, the limited time it can withstand even the direct effect of an open fire.

Polyethylene foam prepared from processed high-pressure polyethylene.By foaming technology foundations it is carried out using butane and mixtures propanes.Completely excluded previously used CFCs.Depending on the feedstock and product technology can be of several types, each of which has found its application.First and foremost, this insulation of polyethylene foam.Adding

the manufacture of special substances considerably improves the properties of the final product.The above metallic types - it's a great reflective insulation to the presence of fire resistance properties and thermal insulators.In addition, the original material is conveyed their derivative best qualities: water resistance, high elasticity and flexibility, low abrasiveness of the film surface, resistance to temperature changes, safety and environmental friendliness in everyday use.

insulation made of polyethylene foam - is not the only area of ​​its use

Given what has polyethylene foam characteristics, the direction of its use come to mind themselves.And it is necessary to start the transfer, perhaps, with such an important utilitarian sphere, as a protective packaging with transportation.Only an ignorant man can say that this area of ​​application is minor.

in the world every minute go a long way in the hundreds of thousands of SKUs.Their range is impossible to even imagine: he them so diverse.And it becomes an important shipping products with minimal losses.Here the amazing properties of our materials used for laying, wrapping and other types of packaging, replacing the previously used cardboard, film or air-bubble packaging.

foam thickness can be from half a millimeter to two centimeters, which allows you to securely pack the most fragile or perishable goods.Moreover, the material is harmless to humans, it is safe in contact with food products group, cosmetics and children's products.

insulation made of polyethylene foam - also an excellent sound-absorbing material.These features are widely used in construction with the use of modern technologies, ranging from flooring and finishing application in the design of the ceiling of plasterboard.

In a modern car, plane or boat, you can find the film, polyethylene foam and inserts.Then they used a high sound and thermal insulation characteristics.

What gives us the low thermal conductivity of polyethylene foam?

low thermal conductivity of polyethylene foam is particularly noteworthy.Material with low density is used not only for the walls and partitions but also in foundations, caissons, lung insulation structures, and water pipes and ducts.Excellent results are obtained by its use as a covering film in the winter.

Another area of ​​application is the wide range of sports equipment.Anyone familiar light travel mats, essential in any halt.In the multilayer structure applied foamed material layer.Special lining soften the burden of rucksacks;modern tourist kayaks and lifejackets compulsory for rafting on a mountain river, and foamed polyethylene applied.

is different foam characteristics make it possible to use it as a vapor barrier for buildings and premises.And the resistance of the material is such that he is not afraid of even sea water.Material used as insulation and window and door designs.List all the possible options for the use of polyethylene, foamed butane and propane, it is impossible.One can only state that their number is expanding with each passing day.