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August 12, 2017 18:08

Paving tile for steps - making a strong and durable lining

tile steps - what are its features?

Every day people meet with the miracle building ideas as steps.They follow us everywhere - at home, at work, at a party, and not only.On average, each person in his life passes him by more than 800,000 thousand steps.If we take only the inhabitants of megacities, it goes a little over one million.You can bet you were not expecting such huge numbers.But what is this tile stairs?In fact, it is no different from the usual, but with improved performance characteristics, so to speak modified.It is a huge number, of any color, size and cost.In general, I find what you need fairly easily.

All these materials invented people, respectively, it has its pros and cons.The most popular is clinker tiles , it we will consider.Its properties are more or less shared by other types of tiles, so acquainted with the clinker, you can get an idea of ​​all kinds.

However, there is still a so-called ceramic tile for steps, which practically is not inferior to the first view, but a little more susceptible to wear.In general, everyone chooses, but it is better to choose the first option.

note first pros , which is a huge number.Firstly, when it comes to our harsh climate, the clinker, which is made of tiles, frost, which prevents the appearance of cracks and other unpleasant details in the most severe frosts.Secondly, they are not afraid of salt, which allows them to easily clear of ice and snow, without fear, that stage will lose color.

also laying tiles on the stage guarantees their resistance to mechanical stress.Another advantage is the high density of the material, which can be poured the paint, and after a simple removal using rags divorce will not, not to mention the spots, that is, the pores are not so great to soak up paint.Another significant advantage is the ability to make a tile of any, even the most complex shapes.

Speaking of cons , it is worth noting a slight increase in the size of the steps after installation, and choosing different colors, you can visually increase or decrease the level.Here are all the basic pros and cons.

Tile for step - preparing to install

When buying, you can afford a variety of solid and expensive variants tiles as tile installation is not very complicated, and it can be done with their own hands, that is, to save money.First we need to make some preparatory work.

Firstly, you need to buy the tiles and glue.Clay needed a regular, as well as for any other tiles, if your level on the street, then take the glue for exterior use.It's better to take from an authorized dealer, as the counterfeits - is not uncommon.

Now you need to clean the surface from dust, grease and other unwanted stains us, projections and other things.Of the tools and prepare the drill tip of the "mixer".You will also need a bucket, rags and so-called spacers, which are placed between the tiles, in order to have the same joints.Now you can start the process, which is called the professionals facing tile steps.

Laying tiles on the stage - the basic rules

Cleaning the surface of steps, and preparing everything necessary to begin the process of installing the tiles.In fact, the rules of the steps facing ceramic tiles outdoors and are ideal for clinker.

first step is to mix the glue, it is done with a drill and "mixer".Then we breed glue in strict accordance with the instructions.At this stage, the negligence is not allowed.

Now we take the tile and start lining from the top step.To do this, we put a layer of adhesive on the surface of 3.5 mm and densely laid on top of the tiles stage.With the strength of its presses, we take the spacers and places them on the perimeter.

Then repeat all the steps: Apply the adhesive, once again firmly laid the tiles and arrange spacers.Until the end, nothing in this sequence will not change, which is why the process is not complicated.

If the tiles need to be cut, since it does not fit or have some custom rotation step, you will need to Bulgarian and cutting disc.Then draw the cut line, and easily solve this problem.Just do not forget about safety, at least goggles and gloves should be worn.