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August 12, 2017 18:08

What is better to choose a siding - market opportunities relate to our desires

How to choose a siding and why it is worth buying?

elements of this decoration is usually used for the decoration of the facade of the building, as well as walls and ceilings indoors.Naturally, different material selected for different purposes.Important advantages are its resistance to low temperature, durability, color variety, no warping or corrosion, to the effect of aggressive substances resistance.With this finish, you can build additional insulation of the building.siding Life is rather long (over 10 years).

Naturally, before how to choose a siding, it is necessary to get acquainted with its varieties.The most common form (50%) is a vinyl material, since it is cheap, durable, beautiful and easy to install.There is no need pre-treatment.

steel trim is most often used in the design of industrial plants.Also popular are aluminum, wood, and even cement siding (recently began to be issued).

siding What is better to choose - to define with the material

Selecting siding depends on the conditions of its operation and uses.For example, the aluminum material is used where needed good decorative properties and high strength.Most often it is used for facade decoration of the building.

Less for the dwelling applied finishing elements of metal.They are better suited for the finishing of industrial buildings, as they are durable, resistant to fire, abrasion, corrosive influences, temperature changes, moisture.However, the material is heavy, so is rarely used.

than usual is vinyl siding, which is often used for both external and internal decoration.This is because it has all the advantages of the previous types, and is lightweight.

The most expensive is the wood siding.Such cost is dictated by natural materials and high quality processing.

Selecting siding - a sequence of arguments

In order to choose a quality siding, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances.First of all, we should pay attention to the inner and outer side of the fabric, since from it depends largely on the behavior of the siding during operation.

Next you need to see how uniformly colored surface planks like on the outside and the inside.The tone can be inside and outside a little different, but this is not essential: the main thing that it was flat.

sure to pay attention to how homogeneous is the thickness of the panels.If it is the same everywhere, it finishes on the load will be distributed evenly.On the bar must be present holes for nails or screws, and their size and the distance between them should be the same.

When choosing also look at the image front.This factor is not the main, and here is all depends on your taste.On quality panels must be present antiuraganny Castle, which will be kept on the surface of the siding even with strong gusts of wind.

Packaging material must be of high quality (rigid solid cardboard).As for the price, you should not rely on low-cost finishing.When deciding on what to choose siding, first of all, we take into account the parameters of the house, the purpose and conditions of use, and sometimes climatic load.