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August 12, 2017 18:08

We attach the perfect smoothness of the surface - grinding putty

Sanding filler - dry or wet process?

There are several ways of grinding - dry and wet.Dry water is performed without using special paper.If you use this method with water, the paper falls apart.The second method - is the use of skins that are designed to work with water.Abrasive layer of this material does not collapse under the influence of moisture.Use it for dry stripping is not recommended, as the skin quickly becomes clogged particles treated surface.

advantage of wet method is the absence of dust, which greatly complicates the work.The disadvantages are as follows: plaster - a material that absorbs moisture, which means that it will remain within the layer and affect the metal parts, which can cause swelling of the paint in the future.Also it can be used for filler grinder to speed up the process.In addition, all the result of the work can only be seen after drying.The disadvantages of the method relates only to dry a large amount of dust, but other disadvantages, which is a wet method, no.

Important!Operating dry method, the respiratory organs and eyes should be protected.

Tools for grouting

Grout putty dry process can be performed a special mesh or sandpaper.The advantage of mesh is that it is not clogged with dust, as it is perforated.Replace it as necessary to wear, which is determined by the appearance of the grid.If it is broken or there is a feeling that the work is not so efficient, that means it's time to change.She finished pieces for sale at the bar size, so you need only to put it on and start working.The disadvantage is that the mesh is more expensive than sandpaper.

Sandpaper during operation will be clogged with dust, so it will have to be changed frequently.He sold it in different ways: large rolls, rectangular pieces, small rollers.Deciding to use sandpaper, you will need to cut it prilovchilis for mounting on the bar so that was a minimum of waste.You can buy just finished bars with sandpaper, but it will cost more.It is recommended to use sandpaper to grind the grain from 60 to 100. For example, less than 60 is not worth taking, as this will be a very rough sandpaper, less than 100 is not good, because it will be very clogged with dust.

Tip!For best results, it is necessary to carry out grinding twice, the first time with sandpaper grain 60, and the second - 100.

grinding process

dealt than sanded plaster, you need to start the process.To do this, look at how to wipe the putty.This process is very simple and is carried out it is much easier than a primer or plastering.All you need to do is to take the bar and fasten it with special clamps mesh or sandpaper.Then with a little start by pressure grouting.Movement made in all directions.Care should be taken to an already smooth areas not repeat the grout.Check the smoothness of the wall, having a hand on it, if you feel that everything is in order, move on.

It happens that in the process form small pit.No need to wipe around the surface to smooth.Leave her alone, and after the completion of Line primer.Check the smoothness and evenness of the walls can be building level.Upon completion of grinding it should anywhere surface showing the same meaning.If there are irregularities then powertrowel them again.

Tip!Start putty from the bottom up in small bands, this will produce higher quality work.