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August 12, 2017 18:08

We are not afraid of drafts or as a warm wooden door ?

Warming of the wooden door - start with a simple

now widely believed that the wooden doors are a decorative element, and any other functions they can perform.But is it really?No, in fact properly insulated doors made of wood similar to the level of thermal insulation with metal.The easiest way of warming is gluing the seal on the frame.If it fit tightly, the penetration of cold air into the room will be minimized.

rubber seal is glued is very simple.To begin, measure the width of the frame perimeter and seams.Rebate - this is the place where the glued seal, and where the door touches the frame.Typically, the width of the seal corresponds to the width of the folds.In the compressed state seal width will be equal to the width of the gap between the rebate and the door.This characteristic is necessary to pay special attention, because of the size of the sealing tape is too large, then the doors are closed, and if small, then the gap will remain.

Tip!You can roll up into a plastic bag clay with which to determine the required thickness.

Other methods of warming

Warming of a wooden door can be done in another way.It is based on the use of rubber with a self-adhesive backing.Ready sealers are very convenient to use because you only need to remove the protective layer and stick it.This method refers to the same as the first, as is done on the same system, the only difference in the method of stickers.

Note!This method of insulation is suitable for finishing the second entrance door, but if there are none, it is ineffective.However

insulation doors for protection against cold air should occur more dramatically, padded across the door surface.For this method, you need the following tools and materials: a stapler and scissors, leatherette, adhesive foam strips, hammer, nails furniture.Done this interior is quite simple, it does not require special skills.Consider how to insulate wooden door in this manner.

How to insulate wooden door yourself?

So, first of all glued foam.It should not be up to the edges of the door by one centimeter.This distance is necessary in order to fix the upholstery material.For accurate fixing is required to make a pre-marking.If, however, will still be foam, which will come out of this layout, it should be cut with a sharp knife. Note!The layout should be done in closed doors and indent a centimeter from the box.

After that, you can begin to upholstery.On the one hand the end of the shoot stapler material in the indent of one centimeter, which was abandoned.Then your helper should pull the material on the other hand, as you attach it.Pulls leatherette should evenly to avoid wrinkling.Last stage - the packing material around the perimeter of the rollers.From leatherette bands fold rollers with a diameter of 1-1.5 cm and nailed to the door of the building with nails so as not formed folds.

Separately must be said about buying the material.It is always necessary to buy a stock, because the size of the door leaf will be increased due to the padded foam.In addition, to impart a beautiful appearance door perimeter edge made of foam rubber which also requires additional stock material.