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August 12, 2017 18:08

Siding block house - an unusual material with the usual installation

Siding block house - what is it?

even for experts not only will distinguish between a wall made of natural wood on the walls, decorated with such a coating.The elements are made of single or double "timber", the material is galvanized steel with a special polymer outside.This coating makes it possible to infinitely vary the colors and texture of the surface, of course, within the style, ie,imitation rocks of natural wood.

The proposed palette has a variety of combinations, including gold and bog oak, silver shades and so on. The most mediocre building, in a very modest money lined with such materials is transformed into a fairytale tower.

Structurally metal siding under a log blockhouse looks elegant single or double panels.These undeniable advantages include corrosion and temperature resistance, a small change in dimensions when heated, durability, strength, fantastic attraction, ecology.

Such elements do not burn, almost do not change their color under the influence of direct sunlight, weathering, aggressive industrial emissions, etc.Reasonableness fastening elements allows the liner and hidden fasteners, in addition, produced a full set of additional elements, corners and transition strips in various color versions.You can pick up completely identical color coating or beat between color transitions, imitating the styles of earlier times.

Installation of siding under the block house on a metal frame

Siding under a block-house is one of the variants of the ventilated façade, and therefore provides all the benefits of this type of cladding.Primarily significantly improved thermal protection structures, which leads to lower costs for the overall heating it.In the space between the lining is placed reliable and efficient thermal insulation using standard waterproofing layer, vapor barrier, etc.

can be used very comfortable reinforced brackets and L-shaped mounting profiles equally well ensuring a horizontal position of "logs" and vertical mounting for the assembly.The entire installation process is simple and adaptability, provides a high-speed operation in any environment and at any time of the year.

variant of the frame structure with horizontal panels can be installation of siding block house on metal frame set .It consists of brackets fixed also horizontally on a wall facade rough increments of forty-five centimeters.

outer corner joints of the frame are made using a special transition Z-profile.On which, after installation of panels is set décor-profile external corner.

between the bracket should be stacked sheets of mineral insulation, closed waterproof windproof membrane.Vertically mounted to the brackets so-called hat profile with a pitch and sixty centimeters.It is for this profile attached material.All joints, corners and ends close corresponding decorative profiles.

Siding under the block-house - mounted on a wooden frame

But installation can be carried out on a wooden frame , such as vinyl siding is attached block house, to simulate a log with which most easily.Through fastening of panels is necessary to consider the minimum expansion of materials under the influence of ambient heat.Therefore we can not utaplivat head screw or nail head into the frame material, it should be a small space.Suffice couple of millimeters to allow for a dimensional change.

Fasteners important to the center of technological hole at an angle perpendicular to its surface.Work is most convenient screws using screwdrivers reversible - you can quickly fix the defects.As usual, you need to start working with the installation of low tide, then engaged in home rack.

During the installation of the panels, it is necessary to remember the gaps at junctions and corners.You can not do without the technological gap junctions.Especially since the last successful overlap the outer profiles.Finish rack, located under the overhang, is usually complete wall cladding.The lower part of the closed eaves soffits.