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August 12, 2017 18:08

Small bedroom design : you can not dream

Small Bedrooms: color decisions in the design and interior

We can not unequivocally indicate the dimensions of the concept "small bedroom", the design of which we intend to discuss.This phrase in relation to the accommodation of our fellow citizens for some reason most often associated with Khrushchev, although any standard apartment bedroom has the same footage of the same with the interior and design problems.Design small bedroom - a multi-faceted topic, so we will focus only on three aspects.Small bedroom design : you can not dream

man holds in his sleep nearly a third of his life, but he sees the spot where he falls asleep and wakes up at most an hour a day.And this hour has to be comfortable, happy and comfortable.Psychologists and designers have already worked on favorable choice of color combinations for small spaces, so we'll just summarize and add their recommendations on the design of a small bedroom in this component.

  • dark shades visually narrow the already small space, but at a certain design imagination and presence of mirrors sometimes work perfectly on the interior in minimalist style, which is clearly seen in the photo design small bedroom in this performance.
  • tone finish of the walls, it is desirable to smooth pastel zone mute.The bright, aggressive color in the design of small-sized bedrooms are unlikely to contribute to a pleasant luxury and relaxation before bedtime.
  • Particular attention can be paid to the design and decoration of the ceiling, as the bedroom - the place where you see it often.Complex structures (even white) reasonably do in the presence of high ceilings.Small bedroom design : you can not dream
  • When repairing a small bedroom and the choice of its design remember what color you like most of all, get a close dim shade of finishing materials for walls, and feel free to use them in the arrangement.Green can be shifted in tone olive, yellow ocher to bring, etc.

The role of lighting in the design of a small bedroom

light in the interior of any room plays an important role, and in the bedroom at all becomes an element of psychological relaxation.Choosing the right lighting and arrange the window openings - the second most important task of a small bedroom design.Small bedroom design : you can not dream

  • Artificial lighting.Turn we bedtime when the body is ready to relax, and her eyes still look around.Bright overhead light, sophisticated lighting annoying.It is necessary to relieve the tension, so diffused lighting design small bedroom as in the photo can be seen to be the most appropriate.Comfortable bra with warm light will complete the picture, creating an illusion of privacy.
  • Natural light.In this regard, not all clear, but we adhere to the following point of view.Lay the body in the bed should be in a relaxed atmosphere, and raise it bright and cheerful.To do this in the design of a small bedroom should be provided for such windows, which in the morning would please you a new flowering of the day, and even a modest bedroom, which you form in the photo, it would seem huge.

Materials for the repair of small-sized bedrooms

night sleeping person is defenseless in the face of any aggression, it can only protect nature.Conclusion: a minimum of synthetics;choose everything for your bedroom only (as far as your wallet allows) natural materials.The classic version of design small bedroom you can see in the photo.

  • Paul.Ideal - a piece parquet, but in a room with low permeability engineering flooring will last a long time too.The photo can be seen that a bedside rug cheerful colors will complement the picture.
  • walls.The best solution - textile wall.If the expensive, choose a high-quality paper, but vinyl and flezilin better to exclude.Textured plaster for painting ceilings and also allow you to breathe.Small bedroom design : you can not dream
  • furniture.Should fork out and buy one bedroom suite solid wood.The choice is huge, so get into the style of the design of your small bedroom, you can always, but sleep will not formaldehyde impregnated compressed sawdust, and almost in the woods.

naturalness remaining decorative and functional elements in the interior, of course, is desirable, but a significant impact on the atmosphere of the room does not have.