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August 12, 2017 18:08

Why do I need to calculate room lighting ?

What does "illumination"?

How to maintain the excellent eyesight to a ripe old age?This question is highly relevant for the modern man, because we all have more and more to use a variety of electronic devices, which create a significant burden to the eye.To preserve the sharp vision, you need a set of measures, and one of them - to ensure good lighting in the home and in the workplace.

How to do it?Simply put the more powerful light bulbs - not the best solution, given the increasing cost of electricity.The most rational way - to calculate the ambient light.calculation of illuminance

To start let's see what kind of rate of this "illumination", and why it should count.We all know that every light fixture has a certain capacity.But how, for example, compare how the room lights incandescent and fluorescent light?To do this, there is such a quantity as the luminous flux, measured in lumens.This index is indicated on the packaging of any light bulbs.

Suppose we know the light output of the lamp.For example, 1200 lumens.That's enough to the desk it was light?It turns out that in itself indicated a figure of nothing says.The lamp, installed on the desktop, it will light a lot more intense than the same lamp hanging from the ceiling.

calculation of illuminance

It is in order to take account of this important moment, and was inducted into the calculation of illumination.To measure this indicator, the value of the suite, which means that the luminous flux of 1 lumen falls on the surface of a square meter.

How to calculate?

So, how to calculate room lighting, armed with the theory of the above?When it comes to calculating the approximate power lighting, the calculation will produce a simple formula.To do this, take the area of ​​the room in square meters multiplied by the lighting power density per square meter and divide by the number of lights in the room.As a result, we find room lighting.

Here the question naturally arises, and how do you know this very specific power?Recommended indicators for each type of premises and lamps can be found in the reference table.calculation of illuminance

more accurately calculate the lighting will help a special device - light meter.To the apartment to use it, maybe it does not make sense, but for large office use of such a device would be superfluous.

Given that the recommended illumination should be 200 lux, and for the workplace (for example, directly on the surface of a desk) for a room - suite 500, we can roughly determine how many devices and what power we need.

Exact calculation: additional factors

should be noted that the above method is rather approximate.For an accurate calculation should take into account a number of factors:

  • ceiling height;
  • presence or absence of the mirrors;
  • color of the wallpaper and furniture;
  • texture finishing materials and others.

The result is a more complex formula, which gives an accurate calculation of room lighting.For example, the illumination rates for rooms with ceiling heights up to 3 m as follows: calculation of illuminance

there enough you approximate figures or not - the question is individual.In any case, you might want to consider a few tips:

  • can be half the size for the room with a light finishing gamut luminance value than for the dark coating.
  • matt surface materials absorb light and glossy - reflect.
  • appropriate for bedrooms will be muted light for the work area - bright, for the living room - combined version.

In general, the proper organization lighting not only saves the health of the eye, but also help create a more comfortable indoor climate.