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August 12, 2017 18:05

Specifications PVC sewer pipes , classification and applications

pipe - pvc - to - sewer When installing exhaust systems of wastewater previously widely used cast-iron pipes, at least from the other materials.But they all have a certain number of limitations in the application of, for example, with the ease of transportation, assembly characteristics, service and the like.PVC sewer pipes have become a good alternative and are being actively implemented in various sectors, including in the utilities sector is due to the fact they do not have the shortcomings that characterize the samples of other materials.

PVC stands for "PVC", although such products are often referred to as vinilplastom or hlorvinilom.There is no difference, since we are talking about one and the same material.How is it so attractive for use in systems engineering diversion drains?

Characteristics of PVC pipes

All these features of the product are generalized, since there are several types of plastic pipes, which are different production technology, and hence the specific properties.

  1. Lightweight.This greatly simplifies both the assembly and repair work in the case of the need to replace the damaged section of track.
  2. simple stacking and bonding technology.This work can be carried out on their own, without being invited professionals and their charges.During installation you do not need any special equipment or special materials, and are commercially available couplings of various diameters and configurations.In addition, all PVC pipes - dielectrics, so do not have to think about grounding system.
  3. pvc pipes , and sewer smooth surface samples.Their operation does not create the problems associated with a decrease in the inner diameter of the formation on the walls of various deposits and growths than fat.But they do not accumulate so rapidly, and their removal is not a difficulty - an efficient way here.
  4. Inertia weatherproof, primarily, to changes in temperature.Consequently, heat pipes are subject to deformation.Corrosion is also not afraid of them.
  5. strength.Some varieties of PVC pipe can be installed to a depth of 10 m.
  6. resistance to aggressive chemicals.For example, PVC-NP samples do not react to such medium.
  7. ability to withstand the pressure - up to 16 atm.
  8. Guaranteed service life - not less than 50 years.
  9. price much lower than similar products from other materials.


  1. Limited Operating temperature range - from -10 to +65 ° C, in some cases, to +90 ° C (short-term exposure).But for sewage systems it does not matter.
  2. precision tubes in some cases, can resonate.Therefore, when laying the track must be carried out in a number of additional operations for soundproofing highways.


According strength:

  • SN8 - heavy .Used in tab of the route, passing under the various objects, including highways.
  • SN4 - Middle .Similarly, only the areas with less loading.
  • SN2 - light .These pipes are used in shallow bookmarks in the soil, and are widely used in public utilities and the private sector.

By Application:

  • for internal sewerage - gray or black.
  • For outdoor (outside buildings) - yellow or orange.

According pressure:

  • Pressure.
  • Gravity (removal samotokom).

As manufacturing technology:

  • PVC (PVC).
  • PVC-U (PVC-NP) - unplasticized vinyl chloride.Features more durable and resistant to aggressive substances.Most often used in pressure systems.

on engineering decision:

  • Rigid.
  • Corrugated.

As a method of bonding:

  • Connection "in the bell."
  • Bonding.


PVC pipe cost

product range is quite large, but the data presented for certain types of products will help sort out the pricing (in rubles / rm.).

  • 160 mm - 260 (for outdoor works).
  • 110 mm (3.2 - wall thickness), funnel - from 104 (for internal installation) and 155 (for outdoor).
  • 50 mm - 55 (for interior styling).

Practical advice

  1. outer diameter pipe should be more than a similar parameter of the central riser.
  2. Indicative section to connect the drain (mm):
  • shower, sink, bathtub and so on - 40 (if the combined drain - not less than 50);
  • different outlets from the central highways - not less than 65;
  • toilet riser - 100.

sewer - pipe - sizes

  1. For the private sector at the device external sewage samples enough diameter in the range of 110 - 250 mm.For houses, characterized by high load on the system (swimming pool, sauna and so on) - up to 400 mm.In this first pay attention to the pipe wall thickness, and then - on section.
  1. should not be confused with PVC pipe similar products from other materials - polypropylene or polyethylene.For all its merits, they differ significantly "minus" - mounting complexity.This is due to the difficulty of cutting, handling and so on.