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August 12, 2017 18:05

Plastic mounting wedges - technical features and dimensions

k- 2 Construction, repair any installation work - regularly have to deal with the need to align more secure fixation of individual structural elements.Plastic mounting wedges, unfortunately, is not yet widely used in everyday life, but in any case they are simply irreplaceable.

main reason for their lack of relevance of the "privateers" - lack of awareness of customers about a product.The author considers it necessary to fill this gap.

Product Features

In practice, as the distance blocks are used homemade "lumps" of wood, and only in rare cases - the metal.Lacks any "tree" known - exposure to desiccation, absorption of moisture, low strength and the like, until the destruction of insect wood borers.And if we consider how much to spend time searching for a suitable piece of wood, from which you can cut (planed) a sample of the appropriate size, the conclusion is obvious - not very convenient and practical.

But this is not the point.During operation, any design of timber wedges deform gradually and over time problems arise.For example, skewed windows or doorways.As a result - unplanned repairs.

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Plastic mounting wedges all these deficiencies deprived.Water absorption is absent, they are not interested in insects and inert to changes of temperature, as used in the manufacture of specialty polymers.And most importantly, they do not slip over the base, with which contact.

Hence, in operation any progress in the installation of mounting wedges excluded - fixing is absolutely reliable.This is ensured by the presence of "teeth" of the system, which are deposited on the plastic at an angle on both sides of the working product.Typically, a standard spacing - 0.5 mm.

throughout the volume of wedges arranged grooves.Therefore, due to these "air chambers" excluded freezing point in the installation of this device.


Specifications mounting wedges

  • Temperature range (° C) at which the products do not alter the properties and shape - from -45 to +85.
  • limit the height adjustment (mm) with mounting wedge - from 8 to 90.
  • moisture absorption, deformation, no rot.
  • Fixation on-site - any fastener (nails, screws, screws).
  • inertness to the mounting foam that allows for a more reliable seal joints.
  • wedges shelf life - is not limited.


This parameter mounting wedges are divided into 3 groups.All of the standard sizes (d - m - c) - in millimeters.

  • k- 4 Small (91 - 43 - 15) - usually used for initial installation of something and need only a small adjustment of the structural elements.Most often used in the regeneration of the finishing of floors of parquet boards or laminate.
  • Medium (115 - 30 - 19) - should be used when installing the lag, installation of window frames.These wedges are designed for a maximum load of 1 650 - 1 850 kg, so are able to support the weight of even the doors.
  • Great (143 - 43 - 22) - products of this species are used in large-scale works that have to deal with bulky, massive structural elements.For example, thick logs, part of the roof system, window blocks of large dimensions.Such wedges to bear the weight of 2200 kg.

Application wedges

Where they may need, a good boss will think himself.Here are just some examples of the use of plastic wedges.

  • Alignment: units (window, door) in the openings, log during installation of rough floors, rafters elements of the system, and the like.
  • Installing light fixed ladders.
  • Repair parts deformed structures.

k- 3

cost of installation wedges

easy to guess that it depends on the size of products, and producer.But as the wedge material - plastic, the price for high-definition and can not be in the range of 3.5 - 8.5 rubles / unit.The number of samples in different packaging - from 200 units to 700 for large to small.

remains to mention the most well-known manufacturers.In our market are the most common installation wedges under the brands "Wedge Plast», «Bauset», «Firmax».Although it is not the only manufacturer of such products.

This information is sufficient to understand - the use of spacer devices for more than appropriate.The cost of plastic mounting wedges practically will not affect the final cost of the work, but they will increase the speed of the individual process steps and the accuracy of alignment.