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August 12, 2017 18:07

Warming of the veranda as a way to increase the living space

Warming veranda, so you can walk barefoot

ordering Architectural office design of a country wooden house, or otstraivaya his own plan, you can just include the veranda, or to begin to manage the internal layout, hoping to attach to the building of a veranda in the future.The first option is the porch located inside the house (built in) or the recommendation made beyond (outside).Extension - it is always an external porch.In any case, if you do not want to let the winter cold in this room as a lodger, have no choice but to arrange insulation veranda.

Let's start from the floor, which is usually a floor boards laid on joists.Remove the floor between the joists, linking them firmly fixed (it is best to fasten screws) bars, so as to take into account the thickness of the insulation to the brim and leave lags a few millimeters in the air gap.Puts in insulation mats (foam, mineral wool, penoplex), fill the joints with foam, on top of the joists and the insulation cover with water-repellent film, bonding her metallic tape, and put the flooring.Now we turn to the wall and ceiling.

Veranda, where winters summer veranda

If you directly to the house, in this case, you can perform an internal wall insulation, with only external, general can not touch with other rooms.To do this, cover the walls of a waterproof sheet (horizontal stripes, okleivaya joints metallic tape) on top at regular intervals vertically and nailed boards laid between the insulation boards.You can fill in the gaps by spraying polyurethane foam, however, it should be noted that this insulation, foam-related, rather expensive.Then the boards nailed on top Heat Reflector layer of polyethylene foam, one surface of which is covered with the metallized film (it must be turned inside) and, finally, the outer skin, such as battens.Warming of the wooden house in the ceiling is carried out in an identical manner.

If your porch is the issuance of the construction or extension, you can warm both inside and out, the technology is about the same, the only difference is that the Heat Reflector should always be facing the metallized film to the side of the room.By the way, pay attention to the windows and correlate them with the size of the room.In a small porch you can install the package stained-glass windows, the whole height of the wall, you can even push back the frames, heat loss will be offset easily warm a relatively small space.The spacious room welcome the presence of several not very large windows, large glass area is allowed only in the event that the window package will be submitted to triple glazing.

Some experts recommend to lay insulation boards at home combustible species insulation around windows and doors insulation non-combustible, for example - mineral wool so that during the fire exits were free from fire.

Insulation of terraces, by turning it into a veranda

So, we found out that terrace - is a platform, sometimes covered awning or pergola, usually adjacent to the house.Exceptions, of course, there are, for example, if the terrace is connected to the home or other long gallery covered walkway.Whatever it was, and insulate the terrace is quite capable to everyone, if you have a roof or canopy with supporting pillars and some fencing (best brick).However, everything depends on the cover terrace, which can be tiled, or even a wooden turf.The latter makes the insulation of terraces impossible because, you see, hard to imagine a grassy field inside the premises .In all other cases covered rigid roof terrace can be quite easily be isolated from the external environment, creating a comfortable microclimate in it.

Thus, primarily the floor.Along the perimeter of the stone paved or concreted terraces need to lay low fence made of bricks or building blocks, if it is absent.Then, the stone or tile floor is covered in two layers of roofing material in the usual construction, which will be both vapor and waterproofing.Top fit insulation, for example, polystyrene or penoplex, 10-15 cm thick, then you can put paroizoliruyuschuyu membrane and top laminate or other flooring.Next, the simplest solution - windows that are displayed to the roof.Thermal insulation thereof is performed on the principle of "roofing pie": waterproofing film on the sheathing and rafters, insulation, vapor barrier, inner decorative coating.

terraces with wooden floors are insulated somewhat differently, though the work also begins with the flooring.As is the case with a veranda of a wooden house, opened on the terrace floors, and between joists in a specially secured bars fit insulation.However, under it is best to lay the waterproofing film, because the bottom of his garden, where, as a rule, there is no foundation under the house with a veranda, can easily penetrate the moisture.On the perimeter fence can be set from the timber, and it is already used as the basis for the installation of glass, pre-insulate as well as in the above coating process thermal insulation of walls veranda.Alternatively, you can install windows completely around the perimeter of the terrace, from the floor to the roof, but under the condition that its small area, and windows will be triple.