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August 12, 2017 18:08

Design bathroom 3 square meters

Set plumbing

To optimize space it is advisable to install a compact shower.It optimally fits in a small bathroom in the 3 square meters and will look perfectly in the interior of any style.Who sell different models of shower:

  • deep tray;
  • with hydromassage;
  • with sauna and aromatic steam bath function;
  • with seat;
  • with mini-tub;
  • without pallet.

If you want to create a contemporary design, pay attention to the minimalist shower without shower tray.For these models, is mounted in the floor drain, wall mounted and wall hung or traditional sliding door.This stylish and compact solution for tiny spaces.

In small bathrooms can accommodate even the bath without toilet!Corner model fits perfectly into miniature toilets.If you want to put a classical bath, pay attention to deep models ¾.In them you will be completely in the water, despite the half-sitting position.

When choosing a sink guided by small models.However, in the interior of the restroom close important to install the sink on the panel, leaving the space underneath free.Firstly, it is a stylish and modern solution, and secondly, it is a significant space saving.Here you can put your laundry basket or rack for cosmetics and household chemicals.

Moreover, if the sink to hang higher, then beneath it, ideal for a small washing machine.The photo shows just such an organization of the space.Another place for "stiralki" - a corner next to the shower.

Set plumbing

Important details

you can make the design of your tiny bathroom even more convenient and comfortable, if you combine it with the following details.

  1. mirror over the sink is available in a set with a narrow hanging lockers, in which you'll store small bath accessories and cosmetics.Many models of cabinets complemented by side shelves.
  2. towel dryer can be placed on the wall by the bathroom, then you free up space for a mirror or cabinet.
  3. floor heating will help dry the room, to avoid moisture and mold, and thanks to a tiny square you will not spend a lot of money for their services.

important details