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August 12, 2017 18:07

Best Child's room for two boys

small children's room for two boys

This is the option we will consider as the most common.Unfortunately, the spacious apartments are extremely expensive and not affordable for the majority of citizens, thus considered an elite housing.Yes, and a large country house will require you to solid investments denominated in materials costs.Therefore, the size of a bedroom with a living room, which, in turn, would be the size of a museum hall - only in dreams.Thus, the children's room for two boys should hold on to each couchette and equivalent number of desks.There will also be no harm to put a couple of cabinets, or a total of two identical units.

The easiest way to buy two beds, but then, most likely, will be a place for only one table and a closet.A more acceptable and cheaper option - a bunk bed, and she does not have to be a classic, as perhaps you heralded a children's room for two boys of different ages.There are models, consisting of a wider and more massive low bed for an older child, and is perpendicular to the upper platform.This bed, combined with a wardrobe and a desk in one, ideal for the angle, and the opposite wall you can attach shelves from floor to ceiling, with compartments for books and toys.

There are other options, less common, but this is far from the worst.In particular, the model for the two children when one bed extends from the other.The top can be located at a sufficiently high altitude, then under it will fit even a few shelves or closed with sliding doors departments for books.The niche for the lower bed can also be not too narrow, as a child to fit on the rest under the platform bed in a comfortable personal space. good option when both the bed slides out from under the podium where the written children desk.

Children's room for three boys - close, but not boring

If even two brats are constantly jostling elbows at the table, and let the whole length of the wall, we can talk about the three boys?Really, placed them in the same room, you are doomed to constantly reconcile quarreling children?Not at all, enough to make their allotted space is suitable for exciting games.Let's start with the beds.If ceiling height allows, make a three-tier place to sleep, a kind of tower in the corner of the room.Being quite spacious, equipped with internal shelves and individual lighting for each tier, this bed quickly become a lived-skyscraper, a fairytale castle, a rocket.

Always make sure that bought or tailor-made multilevel bed was fitted with sides, preventing the fall of the sleeping child from a great height.

Custom path in the arrangement of children's rooms are always welcome, and a children's delight - the best reward loving parents. beds suspended on steel strings to the ceiling, will be a rather unusual solution, but it will allow all three beds positioned under the ceiling, leaving the floor to the cabinets and desks .However, if a conventional bunk bed at the secondary level to attach another platform, beneath which could fit a desk, get the children's room for three boys of all ages.Another desk can be mounted on the back side of the wall bilevel bed.

room design for several boys

hard to please only girls, children of the opposite gender only gave the idea of ​​how you can use the furniture, or just make the design suitable for pranks, and the street they have to literally throw them out.For example, knocked together from planks, fully enclosed on all sides, so that there were only small openings in the facade, or even three-level bunk bed will be similar to the gloomy fort.And if you go meet the children and do the sides of the narrow slits?The guys always find a use for them.It is possible and the whole playroom properly arrange even a window instead of having supplied the eaves teeth at the bottom.

Babies who are fond of nautical theme, you can give bedrooms decorated in a ship cabin.Just something to do non-standard window, giving circular aperture setting and almost real window of metal windows.The beds can be used in suspended form, with metal rods or even real ropes, however, the latter option is more dangerous, the fibers tend to be broken eventually.Ladders, rope, or even real march made up of drawers, or that will be quite unusual chests with hinged lids, complement the composition.