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August 12, 2017 18:07

Drainage in the bathroom - much easier than it seems

use of plastic sewer pipes

Application for installation works of plastic sewer pipe helps to solve several problems at once.Firstly, the light weight of such pipes can be used at any place and at any altitude.In addition, the material does not require welding, which requires special equipment and skills.So, what are the positive aspects from this material:

  • Nearly 50 years of quality service;
  • Virtually clogged due to corrosion and various deposits;
  • relative simplicity of installation works;
  • huge range of connections and adapters.

Important!Before the start of assembly work is necessary to make a qualitative estimate for building materials, which will help avoid busting.

sewerage planning - the key to success repairs

In order to mount the process was the most high-quality and properly, it is necessary to make a bathroom plan, which will be given the exact dimensions of the room.In this respect, follow the layout of the future system, which will allow to determine the amount of material and the various compounds.The planning process should pay maximum attention to the choice of the diameter of the pipe and the future of the inclination angle.The slope of the need for good drainage of water into the sewer.

Important!The angle should be selected such tube, which will draw all the water from the system, which will prevent clogging of sewer. diameter sewer pipes selected by a specific standard, but can deviate in some cases, building standards, but it is relevant only in specific cases provided for in the construction and repair process.

Drainage in the bathroom: a fairly simple installation

After planning work is finished, and all the necessary material is purchased, you can begin to installation.Plastic pipe is initially available for use.At each end of this pipe there is a special facet that is needed to be able to connect the elements.

In the case of cutting the need to have to shoot a chamfer on their own to cut the item is not wrinkled-rubber gasket seal.After connecting all tubular sewage system can be tested.

Important!On cut sections should be no burrs that can disrupt the seal.

So, the installation process is as follows:

  1. preparation of work plans and the desired material;
  2. Fit all elements at the correct size;
  3. Mounting each individual element of the system and test the operation of the system.

For more detailed information on the installation process, you can view a special material relating to the category of "sewage in the bathroom, video."Typically, these videos show the docking process, trimming and testing of the sewer system.

For the installation of this system does not require a special building tool, because the pipe is easily cut with a simple hacksaw for metal.