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August 12, 2017 18:07

Wallpapers for kitchens

Kitchen wallpaper that will change the look of the room

Nowadays there are a large number of design decisions.Starting from the overhaul, and ending ordinary wallpaper glue kitchen.Many experts say (and this statement is fully justified) that the important role played by the chosen shade and color.With properly chosen color scheme can solve the problem completely.It is not necessary for it to hire a designer, you can cope on their own.The most common types of kitchen wall covering:

Wallpapers for kitchens

  1. Paper.This option is no longer the most popular, however, and his legacy in any case can not be called.When you select a paper type, it is recommended to pay attention to those that are impregnated with a special mixture (water-repellent).This will increase their durability, fire resistance and will provide them with a simple cleaning.
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  3. Paper and vinyl.Some kind of transitional type.They are easily distinguished from other species.These wallpapers for the kitchen (photo) is completely smooth, and the pattern inflicted on them is not a typical kitchen.Strong and durable, very good material, which is suitable for a budget option kitchen.The only condition - perfectly smooth walls, because anyone, even frivolous projection will be evident.
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  5. Vinyl wallpaper.The most expensive option, but the best quality.When buying such wallpaper is necessary to choose the most dense.This is done simply by touch.If the surface layer of wallpaper wrinkled, it means that they are not tight enough.Well made vinyl flooring does not manage to push a finger.It will not be damaged or scratched.This fabric does not require a perfect flatness of the wall, the only drawback - it is a high price.

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In turn vinyl divided into several types:

  • Silkscreen.The protective layer is rolled out on a very subtle level, which makes them look silky and pearl.This resistance to moisture is preserved, and they are perfect for any kitchen.
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  • vinyl wallpaper under the paint.This option is suitable for creative people.Initially, this type of vinyl flooring is sold in a neutral shade that allows you to paint it in any color.And it can be done up to 10 times, as the paint is easily washed off.

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tips wallpapering

  • Measure out the wallpaper you need from the plinth to ceiling.Thus it is necessary to leave the stock with a margin of 10 cm. The excess is cut off after the painting will be pasted.
  • begin to glue you need from the ceiling.
  • spatula can be removed crease.To do this, remove enough unsuccessfully glued strip and put on the wall again.Spatula and easy leveling.
  • air Remains have to be removed from the center and working toward the edges, and not vice versa.If it is impossible to remove air formed clusters can be carefully this place a needle puncture.

With these simple tips, wallpaper glue to the kitchen (photo) will be easier and faster.You will also save a lot of solid material, which can be useful in the future.What it will Wallpaper - vinyl or paper - it's up to you, the modern designers and manufacturers can offer a lot of options.