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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to embed the sink in the countertop or the strength not only to engineers ?

sink countertop installation - determines the way

The choice of method of installation due to the features of the kitchen furniture and the desire of the customer.Mortise sink can be mounted above, below or flush with the tabletop.The last two are completely separate bowls of various shapes without skirting.This setup creates a mortise sinks a lot of advantages:

  • very hygienic;
  • easy care work surface;
  • expansion of the working area;
  • a large assortment of various sinks and accessories to them;
  • aesthetic appearance.

In any setup, make sure to seal the seams.The only downside Mortise sink - a supply of communications, for which you want to get under the sink or countertop to turn.

Installation Mortise sink more expensive to install, but it compensates for the lack of moisture between the cabinets of kitchen furniture, which is possible in case of installation of stone with cover sink.The principal difference between the two types of car washes is a side structure and brackets from Mortise sink rim has a height of about 5 mm, and at the invoice stamped rim is 3 cm.

Most experts are asking how to set a round sink.The principle difference between the mounting round and rectangular sink almost nonexistent.The following will describe how, following the advice, set Mortise sink stainless steel (most popular material) with his own hands with conventional power tools.

Mounting sinks in the worktop made of chipboard (the most common variant of kitchen worktops) by means of a pencil, tape measure, ruler, building corner, a Phillips screwdriver, a knife.As well as power tools: jigsaw, electric drill, screws and silicone sealant.

Installation Mortise sink - mark up territory

sink countertop installation begins by marking the area where it will be mounted.Usually the indentation from the front rim worktop is at least 50 mm, from the rear - about 25 mm or less.But these numbers are not absolute, and universal, in each case, they may be different, depending on the size of the washing, tapping features, as well as the kitchen furniture.

on the countertop with a pencil draw a two perpendicular (90˚) line crossing the center of the bowl represents the center, and mark the edges of the border.After that, put on an inverted sink made layout and carefully outline the outer contour of the product.

kit except for the product must include and mounting hardware.Component manufacturers its products in different types of (metal or plastic).If there is a choice, it is better to give preference to an all-metal, they are more reliable.Install locks on the sink, and those that are mounted on a countertop, it is necessary to postpone a little aside.

next stage - the accurate measurement of the width of the rim with all the fixings projections.Typically for stainless steel sinks, this width is about 12 mm.On the tabletop, parallel to the outer contour of a drawn, but inside it, draw a another circuit (cut line).

Draw it needs so that later it freely entered washing bowl.To do this, from the outer loop back down inside the width of the rim, allow clearance of about 2 mm on each side and traceable from the hand of the inner loop.

How to embed the sink in the countertop - do the mounting hole

In order to cut the mounting hole in the countertop in one (if washing round) or 4-5 places (with rectangular or trapezoidal) through-hole do so,that it is within the second loop, close to the cutting line, but it is not concerned.

drill hole should be just the front side countertops.It will be a place of call sawing jigsaw.This is followed by a closed propyl at the cutting line.In the process it is necessary to periodically slit screwed screws which perform the function of temporary fasteners to prevent loss sawn down countertops.Then omit propylene sink in the hole and check the correct execution of the work.

If washing is free and includes a small gap, then everything is done correctly, and if not, then the necessary trimming fret.Then purify propylene wall of dust countertops and causes the silicone sealant.

Glue on rim wash seal around the circuit.If it somewhere project more than 1 mm, it is necessary to cut with a knife.When the seal began to place, put on his continuous strip of silicone sealant.Now we have come close to how to install the sink in the countertop.

Mounting sinks in the worktop - the final straight

lowered in sink mounting hole, align it relative to the first circuit.After that, take 2-4 pre-pending attachment and fix the product (but not fully tighten), while constantly exercise control over its position relative to the path.

When the product is clearly established in the layout of the first circuit, finally tighten all fasteners.An indirect confirmation of the correctness of the installation is to squeeze the sealant.Clean wash cloth marking and excess sealant and leave the entire structure for a day to cure the sealant.

We hope that after reading this article, questions about how to install mortise sink to disappear, or at least, they will be much less.