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August 12, 2017 18:07

Border bath - the aesthetics and practicality of their own hands

Border bathroom - that we find on the market?

There are several types, and there are not very popular, mainly because of their operating characteristics.For example, ceramic curb for bath for various reasons are not distributed and, therefore, will have to spend time looking for him, and in a variety of representative, to put it mildly, a little.Most often you can find on the shelves of hardware stores, such as the types of tape-border Bath or plastic.

As mentioned above, borders to the bathroom can be made of the following materials: ceramics - more beautiful and expensive option, or plastic - cheap, popular and easy to use.On the choice of a lot of talk makes no sense, because it is determined only by your preference of colors and interior design concept, so let's see how to install it.

Installing the curb to the bath begins with the preparation

If you have been assigned the old border, but for some reason, you should change, then separate it, and carefully scrape off all the dirt, wipe with a cloth (preferably with chlorine)and dry.

Then measure the length of the bath, for this you need a tape measure.Then, measure the desired distance on the prepared curb (it is more convenient to use plastic edging to the bathroom about it and it will go) and cut off the excess, such as hacksaw.

must now saw off the curb on both sides at an angle of 45 degrees.Make sure it is well-enters between the walls.Push it to the right place, and with the other hand stick masking tape on the wall, along the entire length of the border at a height of about 2 mm it.Similarly, paste adhesive tape at the bottom, in the bathroom.Put the newspaper (or anything else that is at hand), so as not to dirty it.

Border bathroom - direct installation

Now you need a gun for building foam.It should be applied to the junction of the wall and the bath, then pressed very gently to hold along the entire length.This is a good way if you do not know how to paste the curb to the bath.And now we put it on a measured space under it.

firmly to the bath and the wall, it would be very good to make some emphasis, that he was firmly fixed.Now leave it for 20 minutes, the foam should be thoroughly dry and harden.

If you have not had a chance to initially how to curb press in the wall and the tub, you should do it all the time, but no earlier than ten minutes after you put it on a future location.After twenty minutes, or even better an hour, carefully remove any excess foam to speak on the edges.To do this you will need a regular office building or a knife.

It's time to seal a place where mounted curb to the bath on the tiles.This procedure is recommended to use white silicone sealant.Put sealant in building the gun, remove the neck, squeeze a little bit of sealant and remove this layer.

This is done in order to remove the stale in the upper layers of sealant and get to work fresh.Screw the tip back.

To avoid soiling your curb for PVC baths, stick masking tape on it the entire length of the top and bottom.Using a spatula, fold the edge of the curb outside.In the space formed between the tile and border utknite gun nozzle and start to squeeze the sealant slowly, filling all voids.

After the seam is completely filled, it is necessary to smooth the sealant along the border.This can be done using a rubber spatula.Now repeat the procedure for sealing the space below.Then remove the adhesive tape.Measure the width of the bath and saw off the desired piece.Installation of the curb to the bath completely repeat the technique described above.Fill all joints with sealant, do not forget about the bathroom corners.