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August 12, 2017 18:07

The temperature in the refrigerator : what determines the rate sensors

thermostat to adjust the temperature can be in any refrigerator from Liebherr, Indesit, Atlanta to domestic Samara.For this there are special controls, twisting to reach the desired temperature.Ideally, for each working unit camera debugged a thermostat, then will create a better atmosphere for the storage of fresh, prepared and frozen foods.

We measure the temperature If your refrigerator is not built-in visual temperature sensor (which may be internal, automatic adjustment), you can use a separate thermometer.Buy a thermometer for refrigerator, it is desirable that it be water-resistant as well as water will help to better define the atmosphere of the cameras.

To measure the temperature in the refrigerator place a thermometer in a glass of water and leave it for 6-8 hours on the shelf, then check the readings.If you have doubts about the quality of the refrigerator, perform measurements at different angles and in different regiments - indicators can be heterogeneous.

in the freezer thermometer is used without water.

The temperature in the refrigerator 1


If the thermometer does not suit you, you can correct the data using the controller.Find it in your refrigerator.If the reading is not signed, you know that the vertical position from the bottom is always placed colder values ‚Äč‚Äčabove - warm.The horizontal arrangement of the temperature in the refrigerator rises from left to right.

can not find the controller?Consult the owner's manual, as modern refrigerators are so diverse that list all the options can be infinite.

The temperature in the refrigerator 2


Some models are equipped with a simple switch temperatures which can also be located almost anywhere on the refrigerator.Adjustable parameters in this case, there is fixed a certain fraction of a degree or degrees.When you try, do not try to solve the problem fundamentally correct atmosphere in the refrigerator - sometimes even a slight change in the indicator is able to improve the situation.Slide the switch one notch to the left (colder) or right (warmer).Wait a few hours or a day, and in the case where the temperature in the refrigerator you are still not satisfied, move the switch to another division, and so is the level of the cold will not be the best for you.

It is best to use when adjusting the thermometer constantly, because it is difficult to determine the accuracy of data on personal feelings.

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Modern refrigerators can be equipped with a touch panel, which displays the temperature in the refrigerator and there are arrows or keyboard for its adjustment.All clearly and simply expose the desired value and is measured in a few hours.If the temperature is maintained, so that's all right.

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temperature sensor fault

Any refrigerator works intermittently.First, the compressor runs the cooling tubes on the agent to achieve the desired value, after fixing the required indicators disabled.How long is the freezing-defrosting?For models with one compressor normal freezing for 35 minutes and within 15 minutes of defrosting for models with two compressors both periods equal to 25 minutes.

If the refrigerator works continuously, possible failure of the thermal sensor, which is to turn off the compressor.There are also other options: tightly closed door, seal wear, and so on.

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